31 March 2011

New York Times on Israeli looting

Of course it neglects to mention that most of these huge newly-discovered fields of natural gas are off the coast of Lebanon. But according to Israel "the Israel-Lebanon border is not perpendicular to the coast" although they don't tell us what angle the border is at. Ninety degrees perhaps?

Irish Banks Need Another €24 Billion

Yet another bailout for these parasites. How many times must we allow the state(s) to just hand over billions of our money to these gangsters because they threaten to make the situation worse if we don't? Oh and by the way who said this? "A generation ago, the very idea that a British politician would go to Ireland to see how to run an economy would have been laughable. The Irish Republic was seen as Britain’s poor and troubled country cousin, a rural backwater on the edge of Europe. Today things are different. Ireland stands as a shining example of the art of the possible in long-term economic policymaking, and that is why I am in Dublin: to listen and to learn."


Robert Fisk shows off his Arabic

"Not for nothing do Syrians shout Um al Arabiya Wahida ("mother of one Arab nation")." Erm, actually it's Ummah `Arabiyyah wahida that risalati khalida and it means "One Arab nation with an eternal mission".

Sounds like someone needs to chill out

"This ensured that there would be a genocidal, revolutionary Islamist, subversion-spreading, anti-American, brutally repressive, anti-Christian, misogynist Iranian client on the Mediterranean."

Israeli threatens to bomb Lebanese villages

That's the only purpose of this propaganda. As if if they really knew where all of Hezbollah's bunkers were they'd publicise it.

Has the Arab world changed or not?

Look at this statement from the Tunisian Foreign Ministry: "Tunisia is outraged by the statements... (from) a country which still denies the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland, shamefully defying international law"

At the edge of starvation

Is this creepy or what? Since when did Israel have any right to decide the amount of calories Palestinians need to live.

Shimon Peres in London

How does Shimon Peres
sleep at night? In a coffin.

The real message

Theresa May told MPs that 149 of the more than 200 demonstrators arrested during violent clashes with police had now been charged. "The message to those who carry out violence is clear," she said. "You will be caught and punished." But 138 of those charged were peaceful protesters inside Fortnum's. The real message is: if you are violent the police won't bother with you, but if they can arrest you easily then they will do so.

Why did police charge only 11 rioters over the anti-cuts protests?

Of course they mean AT MOST 11 rioters, since all but 11 definitely had nothing to do with any rioting. That's not to say the other 11 were involved either. The police had to charge 138 people over the Fortnum and Mason protest because it would have looked really bad if the headline the next day had been 'only 11 charged', and most people don't notice that the vast majority charged had nothing to do with any violence or damage.


This article misses that the protesters had been locked in the shop by the police, making the 'aggravated trespass' charge a farce.

Iran is top of the world in science growth

And most countries don't have to deal with Mossad murdering their scientists either.

The ever sensible Sun

AV ‘will bring in fascism’.

When will Arab dictators learn?

Every time they make a speech to the nation they just make the situation worse.

30 March 2011

Jumblatt gets comfortable

Isn't Jumblatt desperately trying to keep as much distance between himself and Nasrallah as possible while still sitting in that chair?

Mock Israeli Checkpoint at Birmingham University

Well this was fun.

Don't mess with the rich

Testimony from 'Imogen Perry' on the occupation of Fortnum and Mason.

On non-peaceful protest

A long article on the legitimacy of non-peaceful resistance against the state from after the Nov 10th tuition fees protest. I found it pretty interesting.

Zionist kidnappers to hold victim hostage

Apparently committing "anti-Israeli activity" is now an international crime that can get you kidnapped by Mossad from anywhere in the world and taken to Israel.

March 26th London Protests - What Really Happened

Sister Sanum gives her account of the Trafalgar Square demonstration last Saturday.

Muslamic Ray Guns

Apparently this is the latest Muslim plot to destroy Britain.

Dozens of deaths in Iraq hostage drama

Iraq is such a depressing story. Has there ever been any good news come out of that country for decades? Pray for its people, the vast majority of whom deserve none of this torment.

Israel's favorite Arab dictator of all is Assad

Man they just can't keep this secret to themselves can they.

29 March 2011

Women's rights

The BBC thinks women's rights in Saudi Arabia means freedom to wear stupid make-up.

Revenge for Itamar "terrorist" attack continues

The police investigation into the Itamar murders remains under a gag order. No individual Palestinian has been accused or even named as a suspect by the police. However, the resident of the neighboring Palestinian village Awarta, who have suffered for years from settler pogroms, are being collectively blamed and punished...

Terrorists pass law to strip Palestinians of rights

A key difference between the European and Israeli right: the European right want to kick out immigrants, the Israeli right ARE immigrants who want to kick out the native population. Both are bad, but they are very different.

It was my first protest. Now I might lose my job

More powers to the police

"If the police need more help to do their work I will not hesitate in granting it to them.
"We will always back the police when they do their important work and we will back them as they do their job to bring these mindless thugs to justice," Mrs May said.

This is such a disturbing statement. So the government will "always back the police" and all the police need to do is ask for powers and they will be granted without hesitation. The use of the word 'need' is meaningless since the police always claim they 'need' such-and-such powers and not that they merely want them.

Zionists for Al-Asad

Told you Israel privately supports the Syrian regime and does not want it overthrown as it knows the alternative would most likely be worse for them.

Air strike kills Afghan civilians

Don't worry the BBC has already done an investigation and has decided it was an accident. Hamid Karzai will make another fiery anti-US speech while collaborating with the Americans.

All Shias are automatically behind the Bahraini uprising

After massacring their citizens demonstrating for democracy and equal rights and inviting a Saudi invasion to save them, the Bahraini dictatorship denounces Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation. Of course if you were to ask them directly the Arab dictatorships would say they're opposed to Israel. That Israel's friends are their friends and Israel's enemies are their enemies is just a coincidence.

Hamas terrorists out of fashion?

Isn't this article kind of funny? In the 1980s Fatah used to be the "radical anti-Western terrorist group" who couldn't be talked to and these puppet Palestinian councils in the territories were called the moderates. Then Fatah became the moderate pro-Western group and Hamas emerged to become the new radical group whereas the puppet councils became utterly irrelevant. Now apparently Islamic Jihad is the radical terrorist group defying the moderate Hamas as Fatah becomes more and more irrelevant.

EDL? Violence?

"When was the last time Right-wingers in Britain caused such violence? If the entirely working-class English Defence League can manage a large protest in Luton without violence, why can’t middle-class lefties?"

According to the Telegraph the EDL is "entirely working-class" and has never been involved in violence. 

Anti tax-dodging = Fascism?

Look at this insanity. Apparently I'm now a "fascist agitator" for doing nothing more than walk into the Queen's favourite shop and shouting "pay your taxes". And some police chief comes up with "nasty bunch of black-shirted thugs", what's with all the fascist references? For the record, I was wearing a green shirt that had a quote of Rosa Luxemburg written on it. How much more fascist do you get?

Daily Mail idiocy

"On Saturday, UK Uncut hijacked a march which reflected ordinary voters’ legitimate concerns. Of course, there are injustices in our tax system and UK Uncut has every right to highlight them.

Instead of rampag
ing through the cheese and chocs at Fortnum & Mason, its supporters should be more annoyed that the head of HMRC wines and dines with the bosses of Vodafone."

Yeah! Why aren't UK Uncut protesting against Vodafone's tax dodging!? Conspiracy I tell you.

Police lies

This fits well with my experience. We were locked in the building and told we couldn't leave because there was some kind of major rioting going on just outside (they wouldn't even let us near the windows to see what was happening). Then at 6pm they told us we need to leave now and that "there is no trick" and we would be free to go. Then they arrested us all for aggravated tresspass and criminal damage. I wasn't that bothered by it because I didn't trust the police from the start they always lie, but still their case is so ridiculous. They accused us of criminal damage when all of that was done on the street outside while he had been locked inside that shop by the police so we have an obvious alibi. And as for aggravated tresspass how could we have committed that crime when the police were banning us from leaving? Say hello to a wrongful arrest payout.

Almost all charged were definitely innocent

The Met Police tell us that of the 147 people charged, 138 were from the Fortnum and Mason protest.


I spend my last posts directing people to advice on what to do if arrested at a march only to be arrested at that march myself. I'm sure there's a good joke in there somewhere. Anyway I'm back now after an unpleasant 24+ hours in a police cell and some ridiculous charges to deal with.

25 March 2011

Good legal stuff

Your rights on the police stop and search is especially important.

Tomorrow's march in London

Do not trust the TUC stewards or legal observers from Liberty, both are working with the police. Good legal observers are from the Legal Defence and Monitoring Group and Green and Black Cross who will be wearing orange bibs. They will help you and won't do anything that may incriminate you later e.g. noting down your actions. Write on your body GBC 07946541511, and Bindmans 02078334433 for legal aid in case you get arrested and remember to say "no comment" to all police questions. Even small chat just say 'no comment'. They're only talking to you to try and find something incriminating in what you say.

As Israel murders more Palestinians in Gaza

The man who calls himself the "President of Palestine" was in Russia today to meet with its Mufti. After pushing really strongly he convinced the Mufti of Russia to send an army to liberate Palestine. Thousands of Palestinians are now rushing to the streets dancing to celebrate this development.

Israeli court endorses kidnapping

Note to everyone: Whenever an Israeli newspaper uses the phrase "according to the foreign media" that means the Israeli Military Censor has banned journalists from reporting the story. By the way Israel is the only country in the world which has legalised hostage taking.

Israeli cities evacuated

After much searching the Israelis finally managed to find where that rocket landed. See the damage? It's worse than the Hiroshima bombs.

Two kidnapped on the Israel-Lebanon border

If Hezbollah abducted two Israelis it would be considered justified for Israel to launch a full invasion.

Pulitzer Prize

There's nothing funnier than Thomas Freedman pretending he's some kind of expert on the Middle East. "There are many Bahraini Sunnis and Shiites — so-called sushis, fused by inter-marriage — who carry modern political identities and would accept a true democracy." Sushis......?

Let's go back a few years...

Britain and Libya unveil energy and arms deals. But to be fair Britain didn't realise the Libyan regime was a criminal dictatorship until a month ago.

Hamas get a brain

Well at least they've learned from Cast Lead, when 250 people were killed in 5 minutes of Israeli bombing raids because Hamas didn't evacuate government buildings despite it being obvious that a massive attack was imminent. You know why? Because Israel's favourite Egyptian Omar Suleiman "assured" them that the Israelis wouldn't attack. You have to be pretty dumb to get tricked by Mubarak's intelligence forces.

The cute Egyptian army

"Salwa Hosseini, 20, who was taken by soldiers to a military prison on the outskirts of Cairo, told Amnesty International that she and fellow female detainees were strip searched, photographed while naked and subjected to electric shocks. Hossein added that female guards warned the captured women they would be charged with prostitution if they didn't take medical tests to prove they were virgins."

Meanwhile Western governments can't stop showering praise on the Egyptian army for its handling of the demonstrations.

24 March 2011

It's Isabel Kershner... what do you expect?

"stray Israeli mortar fire killed three Palestinian youths and a 60-year-old man as Israel responded to a rocket attack" Would the New York Times ever report that "stray Palestinian fire killed an Israeli as Hamas responded to air strikes"? They should have a disclaimer at the top of all articles on Israel/Palestine saying "The New York Times shall provide justifications for every Israeli killing of Palestinians." And note how the other 9 Palestinians killed by Israel disappear from the story, as they were killed first and don't fit with the reporting of Israeli airstrikes as "responses".

Massacre in Dir`ah

Massacres of the Syrian dictatorship don't interest Western media for some reason. Look at this pathetic report, you need a magnifying glass to see it.

Speech of Hasan Nasrallah on March 19th

I take refuge in God from the stoned devil. In the Name of God, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Praise be to God, The Lord of the world. Peace be on the Seal of prophets, our Master and Prophet Abi Al Qassem Mohammad and on his chaste and pure Household, chosen companions and all prophets and messengers. The gentle religionists, the gentle MPs, brothers, and sisters, God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.

Today we meet to express our consolidation with our Arab peoples, their revolutions, uprisings, and sacrifices, mainly with the people of Tunisia - we have started chronologically - then Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, and Yemen.

The value of this consolidation is spiritual, political, and ethical, as for its effects, they are primarily spiritual since the origin of what is going on today and what might determine the fate of an uprising here and a revolution there, a resistance here and a resistance there, is the steadfastness and resistance of the peoples. In the first place, this is with their faith and high spirits.

You and I remember well the harsh days of the July War, the scandals of which we smell nowadays in Wikileaks. You remember well that in those days, any talk in any place of the world, any celebration, demonstration, sit-in, throng, speech, statement, or declaration affected well and positively the spirits of the Resistance, the steadfast, the dislodged, and the fighters. This is the case of the rebellious peoples these days.

We are here today to tell them: We are with you, we support you, we press your hands, we feel glad when you do, and we are sad when you are. We supplicate to God to grant you victory, and we offer ourselves and say: We are ready to help and assist you with all that your sake and ours might require. We offer our capacities and capabilities to be by your side.

I will speak - my brothers and sisters - about different topics and a group of common topics among these peoples. I will give a very brief word concerning every country, and I will tackle the issue of Bahrain a little bit more upon the sectarian controversy of the special issue, the special complexity present there, responsibilities, and required initiatives. Then I will leave some time to talk about the recent Lebanese developments, which need to be tackled.

Firstly: We reiterate that these revolutions are the peoples' own wills.

Any accusation that claims that America is behind these revolutions, has incited and stirred them, and is leading them represents a false, unjust accusation of these peoples, especially if we talk about these five systems, which are allies to America. They are systems that follow America and harmonize with it, that have offered and still offer services for the American plot, and that do not constitute any threat to the American policy - which is Israel in the Middle East Region. Is it logical that the American government criticizes obedient, harmonizing, submissive, and ally systems and incites popular revolutions?

This is illogical, especially when America knows very well - upon polls, surveys, and public and intelligence information - that the awareness and insight of these peoples has now become obvious and that these peoples have a very aware, steadfast, and committed attitude against the American policy and government and against the presence of Israel. Thus, how could the American government incite revolutions of peoples who are aware, have foresight and are well-determined, without knowing what consequences these revolutions will result in and what alternatives these peoples will produce at the level of governments and systems? So this is a false and unjust accusation.

Had we been talking of a withstanding, resistant system that does not submit to the will of the United States of America or the American plot, a system that withstands and challenges Israel, a system that is then objected by protests, then we could have wondered - excluding prejudice - whether it is likely to be discussed that there are provocateurs and inciters against this system. But can some say that these are American revolutions against systems submissive to the U.S.A.? This is unaccepted - as is the ridiculous accusation of Al Qaeda to have incited the Libyan revolution and the ridiculous accusation of Iran to have provoked the uprising of the people in Bahrain.

Secondly, I will be concise with the topics, as there is much to say. These are true, popular revolutions that people have launched - primarily youth - then men, women, children, and elders, who were followed by elites and then political powers. These revolutions are based on faith, awareness, anger, enthusiasm - and most important - great readiness for sacrifice. This is what the counteractive systems cannot ignore about these peoples.

We have watched televisions and seen, with our own eyes, youth challenging guns to shoot them, and they were shot. We've seen this in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, and Libya. But it doesn't stop here; afterwards, other youth challenge bullets and guns.

What does this mean? It is of quite great significance that murder, horror, and massacres have failed to get people out of arenas and fields of encounter. There is a divine, historic, and natural norm that governs history and society. It is this:

When such a people with this high determination, faith, awareness, readiness for sacrifice and patience in spite of the blood, martyrs, wounds, and house demolitions is present, it cannot be defeated. Not America, not Israel, and not any tyrannical regime in the world can conquer this people.

This is a divine norm, a natural, divine law; hence, the sacrifices may be many, but in the end, steadfastness, determination, and enthusiasm lead to victory. This is evident through the history of revolutions, public uprisings, and recent and post resistant acts. Here lies the primary element of strength, which we find in these rebellious peoples.

Accordingly, we issue our call in Lebanon, the country of the liberal Resistance in 2000 and the victorious Resistance in July, 2006 to tell these peoples that the only available and required choice is that you be quite steadfast and patient and that you have faith in God, the Supreme and Almighty, for if you are patient and steadfast and sustain your struggle and jihad, He shall support you and grant you victory.

Thirdly: As concerns the reactions of these systems, what were the reactions to rightful, public revolutions with just, self-willing dependent, and determined requests?

Instead of initiating an honest dialogue with representatives of these revolutions and uprisings and carrying out true and serious reformations with no hypocrisy or maneuvers, these systems have coerced, killed, tortured, accused, insulted, and humiliated the peoples. Those honorable peoples - in all arenas and domains - have been reviled with words like mice, rats, dopes, and sectarians. They were accused of belonging to Al Qaeda at places, of agency to America at other places, and the like.

This has complicated issues in all of these countries and has ruined any possibility for dialogue. Thus, these peoples have elevated their requests and made greater expectations. When there are vast sacrifices and so many martyrs and wounded, issues become more difficult and consent of certain limits becomes difficult and impossible for these peoples and for their leaders that have been elaborated in the domains.

However, great victory was achieved in both Egypt and Tunisia, while the Libyan system has driven Libya into a harsh internal war, and each of the Yemeni and Bahraini systems have placed their peoples at a close stance to civil war. Had the Yemenis and Bahrainis not insisted on peaceful movements in their countries, we would have witnessed bloody, miserable civil wars in these countries upon the performance of their regimes.

Fourthly: What we must carefully consider is the unveiled and hypocritical American and western performance through all of these incidents that have been taking place for several months in our Arab region. We can simply discover or understand the currently applied policies by the Americans concerning these maneuvers and revolutions as such:

Shallow reformations can be made at submissive regimes that the Americans can maintain.  Besides, a short-termed chance could be given to the submissive regime to modify the battle with its people in case of avoided inner, serious repercussions.

Then, in case the American government foresees that the battle will be very costly for American interests, it sets governors aside, asks them to leave, and mitigates as much damage as can be so as to satisfy the peoples or deceive them - bringing them back to their homes without the accomplishment of the revolutionary declared objectives.

The American government exploits all of these scenarios to appear as the advocate of civil rights, peoples' freedom, change, and reformation.

What we request today is that nobody in our Arabian, Islamic world be deceived. Certainly no one has been since the peoples now are quite conscious and enjoy high foresight as respects the American policies. They recognize that America has fabricated these regimes and has been protecting them for decades. The regimes' weaponry, reinforcement, and hegemony on their peoples have been handled by America. Consequently, the American government takes part in all of the crimes these regimes have committed against their peoples throughout all of the past years.

Moreover, any American talk of protecting the peoples of our region, respecting legal and civil rights, and convicting coercion and horrifying acts enjoys no credibility. This is upon the declared, persistent American policy towards the oppressed Palestinian people. Days ago, the American government vetoed against the settlement construction halt while in the International Security Council session. The Palestinians are killed, shelled, and dislodged. Their houses, fields, and trees are destroyed. Eleven thousand Palestinians are detainees. The Islamic and Christian sacredness in Al Quds are endangered, but the Americans defend the killer, the murderer, the ravisher, the bone crusher, and he who shells the civilians' houses in Gaza with drone artillery.

As long as this is the American policy towards Palestine and its people, every American talk of honest, sincere concern to defend the rights of the Egyptians, Tunisians, Libyans, Yemenis, Bahrainis, or others is hypocrisy. The American intervention actually aims at enhancing the American image, running the crisis, guaranteeing the convenient alternatives for the American plot where submissive regimes have failed to continue, or pursuing oil fields instead of letting them into the hands of sincere, honest patriots. This is the background of American intervention rather than the one Obama wants us to believe.

It is not a different government; neither does it defend peoples. No, I ask the Arab peoples to keep their eyes wide open for Palestine because this American government supports Israel that is crushing the Palestinian people and assailing the peoples of the region. All the American allegations of human rights and democracy are false.

We may reconsider the American government once we witness a radical evolution of the U.S.A. policies regarding Palestine and its people. This is why it is essential that the peoples be cautious with the American policies and attempts to pillage these revolutions and the martyrs' blood. The peoples should also be cautious with the unstoppable efforts at diverting the path of public revolutions, at dividing Arab countries, and at inciting a civil open war. These are grave dangers that serve the American alternative plot for our region.

I begin the second part. In Tunisia and Egypt, victory has been achieved, and the oppressors have been gone upon many factors; I don't want to analyze them but to mention the most important among them:

- The steadfastness of the Tunisian and Egyptian people and their vast sacrifices despite hundreds of martyrs and thousands of wounded
- The neutralism of the military institution - whatever the reasons are
- The public abandonment of the regime - This is really important. For instance, the regime of Zeinul Abideen Bin Ali and that of Hosni Mubarak didn't find people to defend and adopt them; therefore, they hired gangsters (Baltageya), camels, and mules to assail millions of crowds in the arenas. But those peoples were victorious.

Some of those orchestrating the encounters of these peoples in Egypt and Tunisia have thought that the peoples will be satisfied with the departure of the governor and his family; hence, if Zeinul Abideen departed with Leila Trabulsi (his wife) and Hosni Mubarak with Susan (his wife), people were thought to renounce the revolution, leaving the rest of the regime unchanged. This was America's bet in an attempt to mitigate losses.

[Sayyed Nasrallah interrupted the speech to insert this remark:]"A while ago, the brothers offered me a note, informing me that there is tremendous jamming of all satellites' channels. I don't know whether this is true or not. To fear words is an evidence of weakness - especially if the words are Lebanese. Lebanon does not have 50 million or 100 million residents, it has no oil! But God willing, we are going to have oil!"

[Sayyed Nasrallah continued with the previous topic:] They were surprised that those peoples didn't return home, but rather they continued to advocate the overthrowing of the so-called transitional governments, and they did overthrow the governments. These peoples advocated the dissimilation of fake parliaments, and that happened. They requested that coercive security systems and policies be cancelled, and they were. These peoples continued to advocate and request, and they still continue to do so.

This is what makes our great hope of the Egyptian and Tunisian people, who we call on for unity and harmony, particularly when it comes to major choices because - God forbid - division leads to an anti-revolution or to the reproduction of governing parties, regimes, or groups. This must be mainly avoided in Egypt since it has great influence on the Arab world, the cause of the Resistance, Palestine, and the Arab-Israeli struggle.

Our brothers and sisters in Egypt must recognize that all of us have our hopes on them, for they can influence all Arab and Islamic worlds with their position and attitude.

Just as the peoples rebelled in Tunisia and Egypt, the Libyans did. A group of youth started at Benghazi, and they were confronted with bullets and murder. Then people rushed to embrace them, and the revolution moved from one city to another. There were demonstrations and civil disobedience, which were confronted with bullets, drones, and tanks. War was imposed on the peaceful and civil public revolution. What is going on in Libya is a war imposed by the regime on a people who wanted change without using arms.

Hereupon, this people had the choice of self-defense without being an armed organization or having any military experience or enough weapons. War broke out against the Libyan people in the west and east. The drones, tanks, cannons, and rows of Katiosha-missile emplacements, which you and we have seen on television, remind us - the Lebanese - of the Israeli invasion in 1982 and of all of the Israeli wars. What Gaddafi is assailing his people with is the same as that of the previous Israeli war against Lebanon and Gaza. All of the noble in the world must condemn these great crimes committed by Gaddafi's regime. Besides, every person who can offer any kind of help to these rebellious people must do so in order to assist their steadfastness and tolerance of demolitions and massacres.

Our rebellious brothers in Libya and our Arab peoples must recognize that America and the west have offered the Libyan regime enough time to crush the revolution. Although they wasted all this time with sessions and so much talk, people were steadfast and tolerant. They fought and embarrassed the world with their steadfastness and tolerance. Had the Libyan revolution collapsed in a few days, a week, or two weeks, the world would have admitted, again, Gaddafi's regime, settled issues with him, and bought oil from him at the required and convenient prices. Gaddafi's money would have, anew, been into the pockets of presidents, European-Union MPs, and others. The steadfast of those revolutionists has changed the equation today.

There's one last word I tell you regarding the Libyan issue: Those revolutionists have no choice but to be steadfast and fight. We have expertise regarding wars, combats, encounters, and psychological war, too. We can read faces and tell whether they are desperate, scared, or disappointed.

Personally, my experience has allowed me to read the faces of the rebellious Libyan fighters and find dignity, high spirits, high readiness for martyrdom, and great determination against retreat or defeat. This offers hope. Certainly, the Libyan situation today is very complicated because of the international intervention that has commenced and that might lead Libya to the nation's league. As a result, the rebels must be aware and patriotic enough. The last thing I tell them is that the Lebanese Resistance was steadfast for 33 nights and days at a time when more than a hundred Israeli drones were shelling all regions - killing and demolishing. Today, in the name of this victorious Resistance, I send a thousand salutations to the steadfast Libyan fighters, in Benghazi, Ajdabya, Tobroq, Misrata, and all of the other steadfast, patient Libyan cities.

Since we are speaking about Libya, we say that the greatest crime Gaddafi has committed against Lebanon, the Lebanese and Palestinian Resistance, and Al Quds has been the abduction and detention of Sayyed Moussa Sadr and his companions. Such crime is unforgettable and condemned. All of the honorable people, the lovers of Imam Sadr, and his sons are still concerned with this case. As for the recent praise of Imam Sadr by Gaddafi, who talked about the Imam's journey to Libya and referred to the testimony of the Libyan judiciary, it is all lies and hypocrisy, and this will change nothing about the Imam's abduction. We all know how influential Gaddafi's money is on the Italian government, Berluscone's government, and the Italian judiciary. We look forward to freeing the Imam from this tyrannical oppression.

With respect to Yemen, where incidents, struggles, and wars preceded the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, there are major complications there. Killing many demonstrators, wounding hundreds of them, and oppressing a people who are advocating for their legal rights can't be ignored nowadays. We greet the steadfast Yemenis and rebels and their peaceful acts. Yemen is full of weaponry, whereby the Yemeni tribes have kalashnikovs, RPG's, cannonades, Dushka, and antiaircraft. Nevertheless, they manifest great awareness of self-discipline, steadfastness, and peaceful advocating of rights - away from declination into civil war.

Speaking of Bahrain, we have all witnessed what has gone on and what is going on there. Through detailed follow-up of the incidents of the region and of Bahrain, I can tell the people over there are the most oppressed. As you know, Bahrain is a small island whose residents do not exceed a million. Those peaceful and oppressed residents demonstrated in the hundreds to advocate for their rights. There weren't thousands or tens of thousands, and the government could call on for dialogue without shooting those young people.

However, the government started to kill and called for dialogue while killing. Still, the people of Bahrain reiterated their national unity and patriotism and that they weren't acting upon a regional or sectarian background. Armies were brought instead of policemen. Many were killed, and others were wounded or arrested.

Brothers and sisters, here is a weird paradox. Neither the Arab League nor the Arab governments sent an army to support the Libyans, who were being bombarded with different weaponry. On the contrary, the League and the governments sent armies to Bahrain so as to defend a regime that hadn't been endangered in the first place. It is true that the demonstrators were using the slogan of overthrowing the regime, but peaceful demonstrations cannot overthrow Arab regimes of this kind. The opposition in Bahrain was totally peaceful and caused no harm. Still, Arabcountries were brought to fight it.

It is such a strange paradox; they even broke into hospitals and assailed the wounded, and they destroyed the houses of some opposition leaders. By the way, this is the Israeli way of dealing with our Palestinian brothers. Every time a Palestinian fighter is arrested, the Israelis destroy his house. In Bahrain, this is what they do. They even destroyed Alulua (The Pearl) Round because they cannot tolerate the rebels.

But I tell you that you can tolerate all this since the tyrannical are usually brutal, and fighters usually offer sacrifices. But the greatest oppression is the malicious sectarianism.

Before criticism, I have to greet the Muslim Sunnite religionists and movements in Lebanon and the Arab and Islamic world. I greet all the attitudes of national, Arab parties, forces, characters, and nationalists. Particularly I have to be very grateful to the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, for his special, expressive attitude.

Here I would like to ask some Arabs and Muslims about the oppression against our people in Bahrain and the ignorance of their peaceful advocating of rights, about the conviction of their movement. Were all of those martyrs and wounded convicted simply because they were Shiites? Does belonging to a religion and a confession deprive a person of his human and normal civil rights?

Unfortunately, this is the question. Does the Shiite majority of the opposition in Bahrain deprive it of its rights and dignity and make of it an easy victim? Does this make accusations and counter-advisements legal? What is right and just about this?

Brothers and sisters, all of us - Muslims, Christians, Sunnites, and Shiites - have consolidated with the Palestinian people without asking what their confession was. We know that the Palestinians are Muslim Sunnites and Christians, but we don't inquire about the confessions of the Palestinians, Tunisians, Egyptians, Libyans, nor Yemenis. It's been our duty to consolidate with them, and none of them is obliged to us. Iran was on top of the consolidators with the oppressed and the tortured, whereby His Eminence, Imam Khamenei (Long live His Honor), has supported all of these tortured peoples with a special and great attitude. Did Iran support Palestine on a sectarian background or on the basis of belief, humanity and ethics? Isn't this the truth?

I denounce the way some call the Egyptians to demonstrate and then ask the Libyans to kill Gaddafi, but when it comes to Bahrain, where none of the opposition wants to kill anyone, none supports the opposition, but they withstand it.

Today, I am going to inquire very bravely, although I've never wanted to inquire about any Arabregime, and you have known Hizbullah's history for the recent years - today, what is the difference between the regime of Al Khaleefa and Al Mubarak? What difference lies between the regime of Al Khaleefa in Bahrain and that of Gaddafi in Libya? Is there democracy or regard of human rights? Are these regimes denouncers of America and Israel? When a people denounce the Israeli regime, we ask its people to be tolerant, give attention to priorities, allow dialogue, and approach issues differently in cases of some inner problems. But most of the Arab regimes are submissive tails.

Anyway, what's happening in Bahrain is not the movement of a confession or doctrine; instead, it is a weapon which the disabled use against anyone with a just cause. However, this will not defeat the will of the rebels or the liberals in Bahrain.

What I say to the brothers and sisters in Bahrain is: Don't give your ears to the sectarians, their counter-advisements, or media. There are religionists and important Sunnite voices in the Islamic world. They support your rights and consolidate with you. I tell you, persevere and be patient and steadfast to defend your rights. I tell you this because I know the people. You have a wise, aware, and courageous leadership, so listen to it and harmonize together. Your wounds, brothers and sisters, will defeat the oppressors and tyrants and make them admit your legal rights. Your cause deserves sacrifice, martyrdom, and perseverance - even if this is going to take time.

As for the governors in Libya, Bahrain, and Yemen, I address them: How do you imagine the future? How do you think your governments could last and your regimes could endure after all the oppression, crimes, and humiliation you've perpetrated? No matter how stubborn you are, you are doomed to be defeated, so respond to your peoples before it is too late.

Fifthly, the Arab and Islamic countries must hold responsibility for what is going on in every Arab country. Yes, their duty is to interfere by sending armies to defend the peoples and prevent foreign intervention instead of oppressing them.

Unfortunately, today, upon the renouncement of responsibility by most of the Arab and Muslim governors, western and American intervention has easy access into Libya. We don't know what will occur in Libya. Allowing access to foreign intervention with every Arab country will take us back into the era of occupation, direct settlement, division, or whatsoever.

In this critical, historical stage, it's every capable person's duty to help find solutions. For instance, today, in Bahrain and Yemen, there's a crisis of trust between the opposition and the authority. Undoubtedly, some people support the authority, whereas the majority supports the opposition, which has its reasons not to trust the authority. Where is the Arab mediator or the Islamic-Conference Organization? With respect to the opposition and the authority, there are trusted countries within the region that can play a mediating role now. Instead of sending armies to Bahrain, those countries should've sent their foreign ministers for the sake of true intermediation, which is still possible.

Since today we consolidate with the Arab peoples, I call on governors, religionists, elites, political powers, and anyone who has an influential capacity to try to find right solutions to maintain the geographical unity and sovereignty, to protect souls, and to achieve the best of the advocated quests of the oppressed people.

Within the remaining minutes, I'd like to speak concisely of the Lebanese situation.

In the past two months, we've witnessed the decline of the previous government and the designation of a new character to form a new Lebanese government. We've witnessed an organized and programmed call for "disarmament", which is persistent in different forms.  Everything that could be said - whether true or not - was told. Different media were used - banners, ads, channels, even cartoons like Mufasa and Simba [Characters from The Lion King Movie].

I simply comment to define responsibilities:

Firstly, all that they've said during their crowds, festivals, and speeches did not bring them any harm or even a slap on the face. This is enough proof that we haven't pointed a gun at anyone. But in the other Arab countries, the citizens do much less than this, and what do they get? Much more. These are apparent facts.

The Lebanese Army, Lebanese security forces, and the forces of the new majority - mainly Hizbullah and Amal Movement in Beirut - have been actual partners collaborating day and night to protect those who revile, swear at, and assail the Resistance. Is there any further maintenance of freedom yet? You say and do whatever you want, and you provoke and incite, but none assails you. This gives great evidence that no guns are pointed at your heads.

Speaking of the content, in the last two months, we've heard nothing new to comment on. All that has been said is repetition of the previous talk, slogans, and accusations. Therefore, we need no further discussions.

The issue of the Resistance can't be handled through incitement. We've always said we are ready for dialogue because we have logic, vision, experience, and brilliant evidence. Our school of country defense is being taught at the greatest and most important military faculties in the world.

I reiterate that all of the noise you are making will not affect the performance of the Resistance, which continues its training, armament, organization, and preparation to elevate its level and further collaborate with the army and the people. The last of this collaboration results has been the dismantling of the espionage device in southern Lebanon days ago.

Therefore, all your noise won't affect the spirits, the performance, or the readiness of the Resistance. It won't affect the belief of our audience, but it will reinforce it.

Soon, when any Lebanese government decides to dig the southern sea for oil or gas and Israel threatens it, we'll only find the Resistance imposing Lebanon's respect and its rights of digging for oil and gas on Israel and the whole world. How should we defend ourselves and our oil and gas? With poetry? Banners? Neckties? That day they "made us see the jacket". I'm only saying this for humor. Of course, everyone can "wear and take off whatever he wants".

In all of these cases, this campaign aims at dragging the Resistance into bickering, but you need to know that we still keep our decision not to do so. What should we do? Should we explain the necessity, benefit, seriousness, production, and accomplishment of the Resistance? People know that, for they have made this - not we. We just express it.

We won't be dragged into bickering - you must know. Talk, discuss, and make as many speeches as you want. Of course, once we find an argument worthy of discussion, we'll discuss it since we respect people's minds, talk, and speech.

There is another purpose behind bickering; they want to provoke us and incite sectarianism. This is why I ask youth to listen to me; we must not be provoked. Be as "relaxed as you can" when you hear or watch. If you can't tolerate that, don't listen and watch.

We must not be provoked, for when we read the Wikileaks cables, we find out that there's always a 14-March team that seeks to inflict uproar among the Shiites and Sunnites in Lebanon. This is their aim beyond provoking us. They've been hoping to drag Lebanon to this uproar through the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, the accusations of Daniel Bellemare, and the oppressive conviction. I've told you they won't be able to do this to us - thanks to God. Although the conviction hasn't been issued yet, we know what the story is, so we consider it has been issued, and it is worthless. No Sunnite-Shiite uproar has or will take place in Lebanon. They have lost the authority they are yearning for now as a price for the conviction, but it's not the fault of the Sunnites or Shiites. We needn't worry, but we have to tolerate all what media expose. There are those who get "mad", but nothing is dangerous. The Resistance, its arms, presence, and audience are alright. Its eyes and weapons are always aimed at the enemy. Still, "none should annoy it."

The third point concerning the Lebanese issue is the Wikileaks cables, which make obvious how great were the bets and hopes on the Israeli War against the Resistance. They also show the gravity of the disappointments upon the victory on August 14. We'll wait till the last cables show up and see what's going to happen. Then we can talk.

Primarily and quickly I can classify the Wikileaks cables into two sections:

The first is what Jeffrey Feltman, Michelle Sisson, or others say. It includes their analysis, hopes, and emotions. We have no problem with this. "Let them analyze the way they want and wish for whatsoever. We have been victorious, but they have been disappointed."

Concerning this section, if any politician or MP denies a fake speech, we'll accept that. "What more do you want?"

The second section isn't about analysis; it's about requests. Someone asks the American ambassador to make Israel occupy Bint Jbeil. Another requests that the war not be terminated unless Hizbullah is demolished. A third requests what follows before war ends: multi-national forces at the Lebanese-Syrian borders. "You have to place whatever on the borders. You just have to keep Hizbullah away from victory". This is not an analysis, neither is it an emotion. This is an incitement of Israel - who is conventionally known as the enemy of Lebanon - to kill, shell, and destroy a part of the Lebanese nation, its Resistance, and its army. This is not a mere emotion; it is another issue.

As for the second part regarding characters, I divide it into two sections, too: The first section has revised its attitudes and political path and changed direction, declaring its support of the Resistance. Good, what do we want? This is it. Yet, another section still declares and practices what it mentioned in Wikileaks in 2006. It has been and is still provoking and calling for the destruction of Lebanon for political and partition reasons. It has conspired against the Resistance and still does.

Actually, we want to file cases at this point. We're not going to organize demonstrations or the like. The civilians of Bint Jbeil, Eita, southern and northern Litany, and all those who were shelled are going to file cases civically. We will pursue he who said, "Strike them and shell them" on the 15th of July. Then this character has to be sued, for many have died after July 15 because of his request.

We'll see how the judiciary acts towards this issue.

So we have a new file like that of the false witnesses. We want to discuss it; we haven't yet.

In 2006, we had information, but we didn't expose it. I want the whole world to know that I say this is the noblest Resistance and these are the most honorable, sincere, and pure people because I know how others conspired against us and sought to demolish us. Still, on September 22, in the festival we organized to celebrate victory after the July War, I called on those who conspired against us and killed our companions and children to cooperate with us and build and protect Lebanon together.

But today these issues are exposed in newspapers, televisions, and websites. However, we will act with courtesy and file judiciary cases against those who were caught red-handed.

As respects the government, I say briefly: Yes, there are constraints.

Firstly: With respect to the formulation of the government: You have to get the new majority to account for this since the Bristol Meeting when March-14 forces declared that they won't participate. We have to count since that day - not since the designation of MP Najib Mikati.
Of course, there are great constraints on MP Mikati - ambassadors, countries, a question of the nature of the government. There are foreign constraints that don't want us to form a government with the new majority. How's that? This majority has the right to formulate the government. There's discussion of the parties of the government and constraints on its formulations, ministerial statement, and future policies.

It is not simply the matter of inner conflicts. The new majority has its requests - which I believe are just and have to be discussed. Any formation of a government in Lebanon happens this way, and what's happening now isn't strange, but it may take some time. It is a matter of constraint. You can hear March-14 forces, asking MP Mikati to formulate a technocrat government every time they have festivals and make statements. What does this mean? When you constituted the majority, did you agree to have an intermediate MP that could formulate a technocrat government? Is MP Mikati agreeable or a minister selected by the new majority amid a political conflict in the country?

Consequently, MP Mikati is under different constraints. These are conflicts - the inner ones are normal, but the foreign ones are not. You know how much foreign intervention there is - American, French, western, and Arab constraints on the designated MP. If we need to show such details later, we'll be ready for that.

To end the topic of the Lebanese situation, I want tell you: God willing, the new majority will work on formulating a new Lebanese government headed by MP Najib Mikati. This is a political challenge that we all - as the new parliamentary majority - have to encounter.

In this consolidation meeting, I greet the souls of the pure martyrs of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, and Palestine that has offered and still offers martyrs every day. To our honorable fighters and our rebellious, steadfast peoples I say: Your spring has commenced, and none will stop it or take you back to another autumn. Your faith, steadfast, and determination are stronger than all challenges. You and we will be victorious - God willing.

God's peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.

Libya's rebels under fire

But can Al-Jazeera report something other than Libya?

Israeli media called them terrorists

The death of two Gaza teens on Saturday, killed by Israeli fire 300 meters from the border area was an act of "excessive and lethal force," a condemnation from the Palestinian Center for Human Rights said.

Who can doubt the heroism of the Israeli army?

Another Israeli military success

This terrorist was killed by an Israeli tank yesterday after being caught firing rockets at Israel. He is very high up the Hamas hierarchy. Don't be fooled by his disguise.

22 March 2011

We are aware

Hey it's "Israel awareness week" on campus this week, let's get some awareness going then.


Israel launches air strikes:
At least 17 people have been injured by a series of Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip

Israeli Tanks Invade Southern Areas of the Gaza Strip: A number of Israeli tanks invaded farmlands east of Rafah City in the southern part of the Gaza Strip on Monday. According to local sources five tanks and a bulldozer crossed 300 metres over the border into agricultural land east of Rafah bulldozing farmlands and uprooting trees owned by local farmers.

UN official: Israel engaging in ethnic cleansing: Israel's expansion of Jewish "settlements" in east Jerusalem and eviction of Palestinians from their homes there is a form of ethnic cleansing, a United Nations investigator said on Monday.

Captured Gazan said to be suffering in custody: A Palestinian human rights group released new details Monday about a Gazan man who vanished on a Ukrainian train and resurfaced in an Israeli prison, saying that he was dragged out of his sleeper car, hooded and handcuffed by Israeli agents, forced onto a plane and taken to Israel.

Settlers open fire on funeral procession: Two Palestinians were shot Monday afternoon when a settler disembarked from his car on the Jerusalem-Hebron road and opened fire on a funeral procession heading to the Beit Ummar cemetery.

Settlers stab Palestinian south of Hebron: A 32-year-old from the south Hebron hills told Ma'an he was stabbed in the chest on Monday by settlers from the Ma'on settlement.

Settlers Attack Residents in Northern West Bank:
A group of Israeli settlers attacked Palestinians residents and their vehicles near the northern West Bank village of Burkeim on Monday. The settlers, from Bakan industrial settlement near Burkeim village, threw stones and empty glass bottles at residents and passing cars on the main road connecting the village with the nearby city of Salfit.

4 Palestinians detained in Al-Aqsa:
Israeli forces detained four Palestinians from inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque courtyards on Monday. According to guards in the area, the detentions were precipitated by the men chanting "God is Great."


21 March 2011

Who are the foreigners in Bahrain?

How funny is this? The King of Bahrain says he foiled a "foreign plot" by inviting a foreign invasion.

New York Times justifies Bahraini regime's massacres

"To many around the world, the events of the past week — the arrival of 2,000 troops from Saudi Arabia and other neighbors, the declaration of martial law, the forceful clearing out of Pearl Square, the military takeover of the main hospital and then the spiteful tearing down of the Pearl monument itself — seem like the brutal work of a desperate autocracy." But don't worry the New York Times will soon explain how it really isn't!!! With a healthy dose of sectarianism of course.

Musa apologises to his masters

"Mussa said that earlier comments had been 'misinterpreted'..." `Amr Musa is another one of those Arab leaders who doesn't say anything in English/Arabic that he doesn't later deny in Arabic/English. Soon he will be issuing a denial in Arabic of his denial in English of his comments in Arabic.

Egyptian demonstrators dismiss Ban Ki Moon

Despite the headline, from what I can gather the protesters were not chanting anything pro-Qathafi they were merely opposed to the bombing of Libya.

I thought we had no money?

Funny how even in the biggest financial crisis ever/colossal deficit/brink of bankruptcy/no money left/you will never believe how much debt we're in there's still money around for wars.

Human shields in Libya too?

On schedule they bring out the "human shields" excuse for killing civilians.

Zionist Battle Bus loses the battle

This is the Zionist Battle Bus' great gimmick. They're "building bridges" you see? Well I'm sure it looked better on paper, but I'm gonna have to give a big FAIL to this one. Just think about it: these incompetents are the future of Israel. I think we need to set up a Zionists Anonymous centre for these guys. Hello. My name is Shlomo and I am a dumb Zionist activist. Please help me.

Demonstrators torch Ba`th party offices in Dir`ah - Syria

Despite their opposition to the Syrian regime the US/Israel are not happy about this. They know they're unlikely to get a preferable regime to the present one.

Finally a success for the War on Terrorism.

From James Haywood at Goldsmiths: "The Racist Battle Bus is currently at Goldsmiths! They are about to be removed by security now!!!" Well terrorists were taking a Battle Bus to "war on campuses", what could they do? Seriously though apparently they forgot to book where they wanted to set up a marquee.  Honestly which idiots organised this Zionist Battle Bus tour anyway? Mossad?

Bahraini medics recount hospital horror

God bless them.

Instructions to TUC stewards for March 26th.

Some people start spraying graffiti on a shop window

Action to be taken:
Tell a Senior Steward, who will contact the police.

A senior Steward informs you that a major incident has occurred and the police have said the march must end and people leave the area.

Action to be taken:
Relay the information calmly and firmly to people on the March.


Yemeni generals defect

Salih surely can't last long after this, though I don't trust generals. You have to be very close to a regime to become a general, and I don't recall a general ever instigating a revolution. Recall there were no top officers among the group who overthrew King Faruq.

You know you're desperate for endorsements when...

This idiot is happy that Qathafi recently compared his actions with Israel's bombing of Gaza, apparently this proves that "Israel has a right to defend itself against Palestinian terror." He also compared himself with Franco 'liberating' Madrid. The Zionist-Fascist-Arab tyrant alliance is as strong as ever.

Even the Redbrick propagandises for Hosni Mubarak

"As bad as he was, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak offered concessions to his people when they rose up, and he never ordered the army to attack them." Mubarak DID have the army attack protesters (and arrest and torture them) this is well documented, and his big concession was to appoint a notorious torturer/chief of the secret police/favourite of Israel as his successor.