27 April 2011

Pipeline to Israel bombed again

Perhaps this is to make the government concede that the fundamental complaint about selling Egyptian gas to Israel is not that it was done on the cheap.

Daily torments in Bahrain

Brazilian TV presenter calls Queen Rania of Jordan 'a piranha'

Not the worst thing I've ever heard someone call her...

Nine people shot dead in Sana`ah, Yemen 100 wounded

No immunity to the murdering tyrant, and the martyrs are God's beloved.

Hamas and Fatah sign unity deal

This is an Egyptian story as well. Egypt was supposedly mediating between Hamas and Fatah but really the Mubarak regime was totally biased against Hamas and it went nowhere for years. Mind you Hamas didn't seem to notice this and kept referring to the ghastly torturer `Umar Sulayman as their friend and brother, thank God he's out of the picture although we may still have to deal with Hamas ineptitude. It's quite amazing how the new Egyptian government despite being only a moderate change from Mubarak (but there's still a lot of progress to be made in that department God willing) and having many other things to be dealing with the country still experiencing much upheaval they still managed to arrange a deal in a few days between parties who seemed irreconciable. Egypt has real influence again, Zionists will tremble at the prospect. However we still don't know the details of this unity deal, so I'm withholding judgement on the deal itself for now. I don't want unity with collaborationist gangsters afterall.

The "anti-imperialist" Qathafi regime

Gaddafi's daughter to NY Times: Rebels sold arms to Hamas Still trying to get back into the West's good books.

Dodgy British intelligence activities

'Al-Qaeda assassin worked for MI6'

Conservative MPs threaten AV revenge

Oooh they are getting feisty now aren't they. Only been in coalition 11 months as well, I doubt it'll last the full five years they claim it will.

Song of the Day

26 April 2011

Bahrain Tells UN About Hezbollah’s Efforts to Topple Monarchy

Notice how far-fetched conspiracy theories involving Iran/Hezbollah are taken seriously in Western media; whereas plausible (and even later proven) conspiracy theories involving the US/Britain/Israel are mocked or ignored.

Iranian cover-up

Press TV doesn't know of anything happening in Syria lately.

And there's also this racist article

Apparently "The Christians were misfortunate enough not to establish a state with a clear Christian identity, unlike the Jews. Naively, the Christians believed in partnership with other ethnicities, and now they’re paying the price" except that Lebanon was founded with a clear Christian identity. Except it wasn't as brutal as Israel in that it didn't outright expel/massacre/place under military rule it's non-Christian population rather it gerrymandered electoral districts to keep non-Christians disenfranchised and persecuted Palestinian refugees with the help of Israel. So I guess what this guy's bragging that Israel is the most brutal of Middle Eastern regimes and knows better than to believe in 'partnership with other ethnicities'. Yet he complains about 'Arab brutality'.

Just to plant the idea in your head

Ynet casually throws in a picture of a Palestinian flag in a story to do with terrorism even though it has nothing to do with Palestinians.

Armour piercing

Man throws a rock at a tank in Dir`ah.

The Arab Dictators League is democratic now

"But with its support, albeit rhetorical, for the protestors — and its warnings against Iran and, now, Syria — the Arab League is tentatively putting itself on the side of democracy." Apparently democracy in the Arab world means to criticise regimes the Western powers don't like. All hail democratic Saudi Arabia.

Syrian protesters march to Arab League

In Cairo. There are calls for a demonstration outside the Israeli embassy tomorrow.

Secret weapon

2:53 Move over Qathafi, the rebels in Misuratah have Pokemon on their side.

Bahrain seeks death sentence for protesters on trial

See if there's an international campaign in the Western media against any executions by the Bahraini regime.

Protest in Oman

At least 1,000 protesters have taken to the streets in Oman's southern port city of Salalah in one of the biggest pro-reform demonstrations since scattered unrest began in the Gulf Arab sultanate two months ago. If serious protests break out in Oman the crackdown will be brutal. The Saudis will not tolerate it.

Well that didn't last long

Libyan foreign minister crosses Tunisian border See if he comes back. It's only a matter of time before Mu`amar Al-Qathafi joins the rebels.

Iraq: Thousands Protest Extended U.S. Occupation

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul Sunday to protest any extension of U.S. military presence in the country.

Useless Iran

Iran says it offers 'moral' support to Bahrainis...

A Film about how all of us have become Richard Nixon

I like Adam Curtis' films.

More Syrian reforms

Your father would be proud of you oh Bashar.

Land Day in An-Nabi Samwil

Zionist terrorists won't let Palestinians plant trees on their own land.

Settler harassment of Palestinian shepherds 17-4-11

A long walk home from school

Yusuf tried to walk home from school on the first day of Passover (4/20/2011) when Israeli military presence in Hebron was heightened. The checkpoints he usually passes through were closed, so he tried a few alternate routes before making him home. Watch this video to see a glimpse of daily life for school kids in Hebron, West Bank.

Visiting `Ibdis

Here are the remains of the Palestinian village `Ibdis that was ethnically cleansed by Zionists in the 1948 war.

Moroccan opposition

This is Hilana Rizki speaking for the opposition in Morocco on Al-Jazeera English. She looks like a lion.

From Morocco

Demonstration in Casablanca, Morocco Sunday.

25 April 2011

Remember this being sang in Tahrir Square?

حسني مبارك يا عميل بعت الغاز وفاضل النيل ثوره ثوره في كل مكان ضد الخونه والأندال علِّي الصوت علِّي كمان لجل ما يسمع كل جبان

Hosni Mubarak you proxy! You sold our gas and now only the Nile is left to sell off! Revolution! Revolution everywhere! Against the traitors and the wretches! Raise your voices even louder, so that every coward hears.

If it was even reported at the time, I doubt it

Reforms continue in Syria

Reform continues in Syria: Bashar Al-Asad has just promised that in future he'll shoot people democratically.

Well this is interesting

A cabinet minister is publically calling the Chancellor of the Exquecher a liar and threatening legal action against him.

Bit slow aren't we?

"Selling gas to Israel was deeply unpopular in Egypt from the time the pipeline opened in 2008, given the sour public mood toward its neighbor, and it was a rallying point for the Tahrir Square protest movement since its start in January." They've just noticed this now apparently. They didn't report the constant chants against selling gas to Israel at the time.

No to immunity. No to the Saudi counter-revolution

So the deal is, Yemenis stop protesting against the regime and Salih gets immunity from prosecution, and in return Salih gets replaced by his deputy? Ok.

Stalin for Egypt

The Egyptian Prime Minister is touring the Gulf States assuring them that the revolution will not be exported. But there can't be a revolution in Egypt alone, as the Saudis are already exporting the counter-revolution.

The downfall of Mubarak

Mubarak train station is being renamed.

Syrian troops in Dir`ah today

Yes to AV

Arguing we should vote no to AV because it's not good enough a change is like a thirsty person in the desert throwing away half a glass of water because he wanted a full bottle.

10 year old Palestinian girl died after being prevented from hugging father

Abeer Skafe,10, died today after a nervous breakdown & complete paralysis for Israel denying her permission to see imprisoned father.

Badge of honour

Egyptians are being kicked out of other Arab countries now in case they spread the revolutionary virus.

Hizbullah’s New Face April/May 2005

Bit out of date obviously but still a good read for those interested in the topic.

Don't complain they deserve each other

Royal wedding invitation to crown prince of Bahrain draws criticism

The Guantanamo Files

WikiLeaks Strikes Again.

The Great Escape

Taliban tunnel breakout outwits Afghan jailers. Nearly 500 inmates of Kandahar prison disappear down 1,000ft tunnel – just in time for 'fighting season'. Oh dear. Nato's getting outwitted by the Taliban now.

23 April 2011

Hey now, this is not about haggling over the price.

Egypt orders ex-energy minister to stand trial for natural gas deal with Israel

Salih agrees to step down in return for immunity

Why the hell should he get immunity? This just sends tyrants/oppressors/collaborators the message that they can commit their all their crimes and when they're in trouble just step down quietly. It just encourages future tyranny. They must learn that crime doesn't pay.

What a mess

It's outrageous that no one is taking the government or the Prime Minister to account for the debacle they've got the country into in Libya. Where is the Parliamentary opposition? Where is the critical media? You'd think the mission was going splendidly judging by the reactions.

From Saudi (Occupied) Arabia

God is great. Down with America, Israel, Al-Khalifa and Wahhabism.

The Middle East's oldest dictatorship

Throughout, Israeli military and security services ruled over another people against their will. They oppressed, tortured, exploited and robbed the Palestinians of their land, water and most importantly, their freedom. There has been more political prisoners in Israeli jails than any of its neighbours.

Al-Jazeera's Beirut Bureau Chief Resigns

As-Safir says that Ben Jeddo was particularly angered by Al Jazeera's scant coverage of the bloodshed in Bahrain, in sharp contrast to the intensive coverage that it has given to Libya, Yemen, and now Syria. I feel Al-Jazeera may be drastically deteriorating beyond redemption. For revolutionary Egypt, opportunity knocks.

Bahrain is not forgotten

Think about Bahrain twice for every time it is ignored in the Western media, with some exceptions.

Salih: Opposition Dragging Country to Civil War

This coming from the tyrant who already had three separate ongoing insurgencies against his rule before the popular uprising against his regime began.

Israeli aggression continues in Gaza

A Palestinian farmer was shot yesterday by Israeli gunfire during his work in the north of Beit Lahya, northern Gaza Strip .

David Swanson on Libya

It's ok until he starts bringing in the neo-cons and the Project for the New American Century into it. This is not a neo-conservative war, it's a liberal war.

Bilin yesterday

The Three Musketeers

An old picture of Hasan Nasrallah, `Imad Mughniyah and `Abbas Al-Musawi.

A very Parisian response

Mubarak's name stripped off

Mubarak's exit is getting more and more humiliating. May it continue. He deserves so much worse.

Mini-uprising in Bristol Thursday night

21 April 2011

Israel's Arabs: The enemy from within?

What else do you expect from a state founded on and maintained by ethnic cleansing?

How cute

Hasan Nasrallah has got himself into Time Magazine's Most 100 Influential People. Apparently his profession is 'demagogue' and is a threat to Lebanon. I like the little put down to Muqtada As-Sadr too.

Song of the Day

Racist Terrorist of the Day

According to the lunatic David Horowitz no people have oppressed another in such a morally sick way like the Palestinians have oppressed Israel.

Mubarak's last speech

Not bad for someone who spent his entire career in 'public service'

Investigation reports Mubarak family has 40 palaces and mansions.

Ha'aretz has just noticed that Zionism is theft

Illegal theft of olive trees must be stopped

Arab League postpones Baghdad summit under pressure from Gulf

God willing they shall never meet again.

Israeli tanks smash up Gaza

One official who preferred to remain anonymous said he was miffed by the move, saying the demolition had been carried out "despite the fact that this place is calm and there have been no operations by factions carried out from the zone." You can be sure this Israeli aggression will not be remembered next time Palestinians fire back, as the Western media only starts reports on Israeli/Palestinian violence with the first Palestinian act and the Israeli 'reaction'.

Apparently Egyptians want Mubarak back now

The New York Times has a loony article about how Egyptians really love Hosni Mubarak and feel bad that he's been arrested. Their evidence? Well they say "There is no survey to prove this" but they did manage to find a photo of someone holding a portrait of Mubarak somewhere. And someone standing nearby. That must represent Egyptian popular sentiment. Go cry for Mubarak in private please.

Any Egyptians want to keep Camp David? Anyone?

Even the terrible `Amr Musa is now renouncing the Camp David Accords, and he's the most pro-Israel candidate.

You can try

But no one can stop the Palestinians.

Photographer Chris Hondros killed in Libya

This is one of his best, an Iraqi girl whose parents had just been shot dead by the American occupiers.

Caroline Glick having a nervous breakdown

This is hilarious. She's proper freaking out and panicking when assessing Israel's prospects. I like the suggestion at 3:00 though. For those who aren't familiar with her she's editor for the Jerusalem Post (has articles there every now and then) and runs that Zionist satire show Latma. They did a pretty tasteless satire song a year ago mocking the flotilla activists that you might have seen especially since the Israeli government were so impressed by it they sent it out to international journalists.

20 April 2011

Wrecking of higher education

"Wes Streeting, the chief executive of the charity, said it was "frankly extraordinary that the government has failed to launch an effective publicity campaign to ensure that potential applicants and their families are aware of the facts behind the new system". Remember him? Note he's not so much opposed to the policy but thinks the government hasn't propagandised properly. Don't say this wasn't predicted by opponents to these policies who were labeled scare-mongers just a few months ago.

When will Israel, like Syria, lift its emergency laws?

It won't happen because unlike in the Arab world Israel has a fundamentally undemocratic state AND society. The limits on freedom in Israel are not much different to what you find in Arab states but it doesn't get much attention because hardly any Israeli Jews complain or protest against it since they believe they benefit from the undemocratic system they live under and the only people who suffer enough and have the consciousness to resist are Arabs, who don't count. Look at the heavy censorship of the press in Israel for example. Israeli journalists just don't complain or resist the fact that all their articles must be checked by the military prior to publication and censored and there are frequent bans on investigating certain stories. But their journalists just cooperate so no problem.

Sectarianism: the last refuge of the Arab scoundrel

Bahraini government forces backed by Saudi Arabian troops are destroying mosques and places of worship of the Shia majority in the island kingdom in a move likely to exacerbate religious hatred across the Muslim world. The Saudis are trying desperate to ferment Sunni-Shi`ah conflict in the Middle East as part of their counter-revolutionary offensive. Just like Al-Qaeda in Iraq; for the House of Saud and Al-Qaeda have identical ideologies, they only differ on foreign policy.

Crazy Saif Al-Islam

“You know what happened in Misurata? It’s exactly what happened in the Cold River, in Tripoli, Lebanon. The Lebanese army went and attacked three or four civilian districts in Tripoli to fight Jund al-Sham, the soldiers of Islam, you know that terrorist group in Lebanon. They destroyed maybe half the city... The same thing happened with the Americans in Fallujah. You know Fallujah? It’s exactly the same." He's still selling himself to the West saying it's all just a misunderstanding. Can the people saying the Qathafi regime is some kind of anti-Western force please shut up you are dumb and don't know what you're talking about.

Omar Suleiman too

Former Egyptian vice president Omar Suleiman is being questioned in connection with violence against protesters during the uprising that toppled president Hosni Mubarak, the general prosecutor's office said on Tuesday. I don't see how appointing this notorious torturer as his successor was 'a bid to placate the growing protest movement.' More like a bid for more US/Israeli support who prefered Suleiman to Jamal Mubarak.

846 killed in Egyptian uprising

A new Egyptian government investigation into the nearly-three-week revolution that overthrew President Hosni Mubarak in February paints a sinister portrait of a desperate police state relying on snipers, thugs and other forces that led to the deaths of at least 846 people. I don't see where they said Mubarak was only 'indirectly' responsible. He was in charge.

Song of the Day


Kind of funny how the Syrian regime waited for an actual state of emergency to LIFT the state of emergency.

86 trillion people to attend royal wedding

UK minister says 2 billion to watch royal wedding

Royal wedding hijacked

Muslims Against Crusades, an offshoot of the outlawed group al-Muhajiroun, is in ongoing discussions with the police... the English Defence League has indicated they will mount a counter-demonstration, raising fears of a flashpoint on the day.

We Anarchists would like to express our deep dismay that our protest appears to have been hijacked by fringe groups.

Tony Blair in telling lies shocker

Plans to exploit Iraq's oil reserves were discussed by government ministers and the world's largest oil companies the year before Britain took a leading role in invading Iraq, government documents show.

French niqab ban

Locking women up to free them.

19 April 2011

Song of the Day

Itawar killer found

But don't think about any of this. The culprit simply must be an Arab afterall and he's the best we could find.

Tunisia gets polluted

"Abbas is accompanied by his chief peace negotiator Saeb Erakat..." Remember him? The guy who resigned after being caught boasting to the Israelis that "we have killed our own people"? Except PA gangsters never resign. They get in some scandal and say they're resigning, stay quiet for a few weeks, then resurface hoping no one will notice they're still there.

Ian Tomlinson did not die of heart attack, specialist tells inquest

Funny how none of this information (and other things such as the first pathologist saying he was told by the police to rule out assault) came to light when this was taken to the Crown Prosecution Service. Shameful blatant cover-up that wasn't even a cover-up but they let the killer off anyway.

French Christian fundamentalists smash up art in "anti-blasphemy" campaign

Imagine if French Muslims did something like this.

Aggressive Saudi counter-revolution

First they say Saudi troops won't leave Bahrain until the "Iranian threat" is gone. Now they say "Unfortunately, the Iranian schemes in the Gulf never end." So I guess "unfortunately" their troops will have to stay forever. And how about this for Most Ridiculous Denial of the Week: "They accused Saudi Arabia of interfering in the affairs of Bahrain. This is not true, and I can prove it."

Iran appoints 1st ambassador to Egypt in 30 years

Don't you love the first sentence of this article "Reason for concern in Jerusalem?" They're still freaking out.

Down with Al-Asad

Oh he who allows Zionists to occupy Syrian lands without a squeak.

No to Mustafa Al-Fiqqi

This is so funny. Mustafa Al-Fiqqi is now claiming that Mubarak hated him all along and that he was "forced" to join the NDP and defends himself with “I was part of a corrupt regime, but I was not myself corrupt." Oh really. Explain that one. He was one of Mubarak's leading propagandists until a couple of months ago. Soon after the uprising began he made a big speech to the Egyptian Parliament arguing that the emergency laws must stay in place and defended the filthy gas giveaways to Israel. Shame on "Revolutionary Egypt" that this crook is its candidate for Secretary General of the Arab League. This video shows Mustafa Al-Fiqqi being kicked out of Tahrir Square I think the day before Mubarak was overthrown:

From Hims, Syria

Watch this. Troops firing to break up anti-regime demonstration who were camping over night. Al-Jazeera is quoting witnesses saying 30 people have been killed and wounded in the attacks.

Nutty nutty Salih

Salih is getting increasingly silly. He's never showed any evidence of caring about religion yet overnight believes in Saudi-style segregation of women. Is he going to grow a beard next?

Yemen "opposition" to join Gulf-brokered talks

The Three Nos of Khartum should apply to the House of Saud as well as Israel.

Bin `Ali's wife a "Mossad agent"

I think the bit about the Tunisian government cooperating with Israel in assassinating Palestinians leaders in Tunisia is most definitely true.

Tunisian people lead the way

Tunisians demonstrate outside the Saudi embassy demanding Bin `Ali be extradited to stand trial. Know that the Arab people will never be free while the House of Saud has not been overthrown.

Bahrain 'arrests rights lawyer and doctors'

Campaigners say security forces have detained lawyer who represented leader of the Haq opposition group and two doctors. On Bahrain we have a rare case of Al-Jazeera English having better coverage than the real channel.

Palestinians honour their martyrs

Vittorio Arrigoni's body being taken from Gaza to Egypt.

Permanent delusional occupation

Saudi troops say they won't leave Bahrain until the Elf Army of Mirkwood leaves.

The Guardian: "Istanbul could be split in two, says Turkish prime minister"

Except he didn't. He was talking about Istanbul the province, not Istanbul the city. There's a big difference. Half of Istanbul is not getting its name changed.

Israeli prison raid footage released

Zionist soldiers laugh as they murder. Note every Zionist murder is remembered and none will be forgiven.

Fighting on Arab TV

Are some people in the Arab world feeling under pressure or something? Everyone's breaking out into fights on live TV. The first video shows Egyptian politicians calling each other thieves before wielding their chairs as weapons. The second shows Iraqi politicians arguing over the Iranian Foreign Ministry calling the execution of Saddam Hussein 'the minimum penalty'.

Just for laughs

"A senior Foreign Ministry official said a few senior Egyptian officials have uttered harsh statements in the past two weeks and even called Israel "the enemy." Egyptian Finance Minister Samir Radwan, for example, referring to the possibility of Israeli investments in Egypt, said Egypt did not need investments from "the enemy."

This statement angered Israel..."
Oh what are you going to do oh Israel? Suddenly the country who thinks it's all mighty and impressive bombing defenceless refugees camps isn't so full of itself now.

This is funny

I've covered this article before but thought I'd mock it again. "Hezbollah intends to attack WESTERN targets... news websites cites WESTERN intelligence report... Hezbollah is planning an attack on WESTERN targets... information intercepted by a WESTERN intelligence agency... WESTERN intelligence officials believe Hezbollah intends to strike WESTERN targets... WESTERN diplomats expect the court to accuse Hezbollah members" Ok. And when finally get some specifics at the end of the article it's "specifying the Far East, Greece and Turkey as areas where an attack COULD occur... India and Thailand are also THOUGHT TO BE countries where an attack COULD take place... the counter terrorism bureau warned against traveling to Sinai and called on Israelis who were in Sinai to return to Israel immediately." "Western targets" is indeed very broad, where would be without these very useful intelligence reports? Basically they're saying Hezbollah COULD attack anywhere at any time. They have no idea.

So they're Arab capitalism uprisings now?

Apparently the Arab uprisings are for free markets: "you know, the fruit and vegetable seller, Bouazizi, in Tunisia that headed all this off, what was his complaint? His complaint was he just wanted to be able to sell fruit and vegetables but he was being harassed because of licensing and red tape... if you stymie entrepreneurialism, if you stymie small businesses, you’re really hurting that type of entrepreneur." Remember how Khamenei was attacked for describing the Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings as 'Islamic liberation movements'? You can argue that was also inaccurate, but it's far closer to reality than this nonsense.

Qana Massacre 15th anniversary, never forget

"It was a massacre. Not since Sabra and Chatila had I seen the innocent slaughtered like this. The Lebanese refugee women and children and men lay in heaps, their hands or arms or legs missing, beheaded or disembowelled. There were well over a hundred of them. A baby lay without a head. The Israeli shells had scythed through them as they lay in the United Nations shelter, believing that they were safe under the world's protection. Like the Muslims of Srebrenica, the Muslims of Qana were wrong."


"On the basis of all the information available, Amnesty International believes that the IDF intentionally attacked the UN compound, although the motives for doing so remain unclear. The IDF have failed to substantiate their claim that the attack was a mistake. Even if they were to do so they would still bear responsibility for killing so many civilians by taking the risk to launch an attack so close to the UN compound.

This conclusion is based on a number of facts (set out below in detail), including the precision and reliability of the IDF’s “target acquisition” systems; the timing of the attack; and the sequence, type and dispersion pattern of the shells fired. Taken together, these facts strongly suggest that the bombardment of the UN compound was not the result of an “artillery scatter” of stray shells which overshot the Hizbullah mortar, as claimed by the IDF, but was the result of a separate barrage of shells aimed at the compound itself."

17 April 2011

Mubarak his sons and cronies in prison

Although the New York Times is reporting this like they're Amnesty International covering prisoners of conscience.

New York Times on Mubarak democracy

"When it ran candidates for office, they almost always won. In local council elections in 2008, 99 percent of the seats nationwide went to the party. In elections in 2010, opposition parties won fewer than 20 of the 518 seats in the lower house." Yeah, not that those elections were rigged or anything...

Salih and Al-Ahmar's forces are fighting now

I don't trust Al-Ahmar, generals tend not to be on the side of the people. I don't know what his game is.

Is a US Ally Using Torture to Put Down Dissent?

Because that would be a first. Bahrain is not forgotten.

"New targets" for NATO in Libya

I thought bombing Libya was only to protect civilians? Now NATO is going extend military strikes from Qathafi's military to "strategic logistical targets" (read: civilians). "strategic logistical targets" is a propaganda euphemism. If it's not a military target then obviously it's a civilian target, but they won't say that directly. This is what they always do when they bomb countries to bring down or put pressure on their governments. Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia etc. Attacking a country's civilians is an effective way of twisting the government's arm. They know Qathafi will be in trouble when his state infastructure is being blasted to pieces and he can't run the country any more that's what. The inevitable civilian deaths don't factor into either his or NATO's calculations. They're like ants to them. You know when you walk down a street from one place to another you kill lots of ants by treading on them. That's how they see Libyan civilians. Just ants whose lives are worthless and needn't be taken into consideration as they work to achieve their goals. And anyway remember when this talk of intervention started it was supposed to be a no-fly-zone? See how quickly we've gone from merely shooting down Qathafi's bomber aircraft to protect civilians to bombing Libyan infastructure. If the rebels don't have the supplies Qathafi does then why doesn't NATO supply them? NATO refuses to allow this. It insists on bombing instead. And for what? What the hell are NATO even doing here in the first place? What right do they have to bomb a country which never attacked them? So should Libyans feel honoured that their loved ones were killed by NATO and want them to drop more bombs on them? What is the mission? They don't even seem to know themselves (just that they don't want a popular rebellion to succeed in Libya and want to keep the country under their control). They're putting Libya through civil war and destruction for what? To replace Qathafi with... a cabal of thugs who were Qathafi's former ministers until a couple of months ago. And all these dead are worth that? So Sarkozy and Cameron can look tough? To hell with them all.

Oh and meanwhile the Kings of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are invited to the royal wedding.

What to do with tyrants

Mubarak, his sons and cronies must be executed as quickly as possible. I prefer beheading though hanging seems to be the more likely option as it's in Egyptian law, but so long as it's in public and is seen across the world. They must strike terror into the hearts of the tyrants, since they do not fear God (Qur'an 8:12). Every Arab tyrant must be terrified of their own people to put an end to their oppression, injustice, conspiracies and collaboration. They must fear for their lives. Constantly. Every single one of them. This is not the time to be "civilised". Egypt needs leaders that are proudly uncivilised, in fact leaders that boast about it. Virtue without terror is fatal.

forbids only that those who waged war against you for your faith and drove you out from your homes and helped (others) to drive you out, that you make friends of them. Whoever makes friends of them - these are the unjust." (Qur'an 60:9). Just one reason why there should be no mercy to Arab tyrants (or Zionists for that matter). None whatsoever. Repeat it - generation after generation - we shall always be your enemies.


Mubarak may face death penalty

16 April 2011

That's the spirit

Students in Al-Mansurah University Egypt staging a sit-in demanding corrupt directors be removed. One of the occupiers sings us a song.

Mask up

The government of Bahrain is putting intense pressure on the families of students in Britain who were photographed attending a peaceful protest in Manchester in solidarity with the country's pro-democracy movement.
The gulf kingdom has stripped government-funded scholarships from those who attended the event outside the BBC building last month, the students say, and told parents to order their children home.
Students involved have told the Guardian they have "strong and well-founded" fears that they and their families could suffer beatings and torture as a result of the Bahrain government's crackdown on the protest 3,000 miles away and that they are likely to be arrested on their return.

I'm not a fan of Peter Hitchens

But I agree with this: "Being squeamish about the careful use of force and violence against guilty persons convicted in fair trials to defend peace, order and safety is quite different from being repelled (as so few are, but I am ) about blowing innocent German civilians to bits in their homes, or baking them to death in firestorms, because you can't make contact with the enemy's army... Funny, in fact, that so many who are squeamish about the swift and humane execution of justly convicted killers are so relaxed about the mass murder, often by tearing them to pieces with metal instruments, of unborn babies, the bombing of Belgrade, Baghdad and Afghanistan (and now of Libya)."

15 April 2011

Someone better put him out of his misery

Syrian Revolution : The first million man protest Friday

Sister Zeinobia has a great blog post on the demonstrations in Syria yesterday.

Ash-Sha`ab yurid isqat An-Nidam

From Syria. The Western media is still haven't worked out why protesters across "The Middle East and North Africa" are all chanting the same slogans.

Statement of the March 15th movement in Syria

Leadership of the Glorious Revolution of the Youth of 15 March, Dira`ah – Syria

To the Syrian people;  to the descendants of Salih Al-Ali, Sultan Pasha Al-Atrash, Ibrahim Hananou; to all the free people of Syria in all the provinces of Syria; to all the sons of the proud Arab tribes; to the Kurdish brothers; and to all the sects and nationalities with whom we share life on the land of this nation.

We promise you to continue our revolution until this criminal regime which kills its sons in cold blood is brought down. We hope all the brothers will come out tomorrow God willing in million-person demonstrations and announce civil disobedience and refusal to go to work centers and to join your brethren in this glorious revolution and to support your brethren in the province of Dira`ah, Latakia, Hims, az-Zabdani, Douma, Daria, Al-Kiswa, Damascus, At-Tal, and the rest of the provinces revolting until the regime is brought down and the goals of the revolution are achieved which are:

·         Bringing the regime down
·         Cancellation of the emergency law
·         Permission to form parties
·         Dissolving the parliament and the government
·         Revise the constitution to be consistent with democracy and civil rule
·         Define the presidential term and the number of terms
·         Immediate presidential and parliamentary elections
·         Raise salaries and set a minimum wage
·         Find immediate work opportunities
·         Get rid of corruption and bribes and deliver up corrupt individuals for trial
·         Clean judiciary and accountability for corrupt judges
·         Lowering taxes and fees
·         Getting rid of the pre-planned sectarianism in the circles of authority
·         The mission of the Army and Armed forces is to protect the borders of the nation and not to repress citizens
·         Deliver up for trial all of those who participated in killing or ordering the opening of fire on demonstrators in the 15 March revolution
·         Freeing the prisoners of conscience and political prisoners and everyone arrested in the peaceful demonstrations
·         Return of the displaced to Syria
·         Freedom of opinion and expression and to establish forums
·         Freedom of the press and the Internet
·         Right of citizenship to everyone
·         Distribution of returns from oil and communications to the people equally
·         Permitting judicial authority to be completely independent

Our demands are complete and not open to division or procrastination. We won’t wait for promises or delays in their implementation. We won’t be satisfied with the application of a part of them while another part is studied and ignored. We will continue to rise up until we have extracted our freedoms with our own hands. Our revolution is peaceful. Our people are one. One nation.

If you cannot go out, stage a sit in at home and don’t go to work.

We say Al-Fatiha on the souls of the martyrs.

We rely on God Almighty.

Dira`ah - Syria

نحن قيادة شباب ثورة 15 اذار المجيدة درعا - سوريا

الى الشعب السوري الى احفاد صالح العلي واحفاد سلطان باشا الاطرش واحفاد ابراهيم هنانو والى كافة احرار سوريا في جميع المحافظات السورية ,الى جميع ابناء العشائر العربية الابية , الى الاخوة الاكراد والى كافة الطوائف والقوميات التي نتشارك معها العيش على ارض هذا الوطن .

نعاهدكم على ان تستمر ثورتنا الى ان يتم اسقاط هذا النظام المجرم الذي قتل ابنائنا بدم بارد , ونرجوا من جميع الاخوة الخروج من يوم غد باذن الله بمظاهرات مليونيه واعلان العصيان المدني وعدم الذهاب الى مراكز العمل والانظمام الى اخوتكم في هذه الثوره المجيده ونصرة اخوانكم في محافظة درعا واللاذقية وحمص والزبداني ودوما وداريا والكسوة ودمشق والتل وباقي المحافظات الثائرة حتى يتم اسقاط النظام وتحقيق اهداف الثورة وهي :

- اسقاط النظام
- إلغاء قانون الطوارئ
- السماح بإنشاء الأحزاب
- حل مجلس الشعب والحكومة
- تعديل الدستور ليواكب الديمقراطية والمدنية
- تحديد فترة بقاء الرئيس في السلطة وعددها
- انتخابات رئاسية وتشريعية فورية
- رفع الرواتب ووضع حد أدنى للاجور
- إيجاد فرص عمل فورية
- القضاء على الفساد والرشاوي وتسليم المفسدين للمحاكمة
- نزاهة القضاء ومحاسبة القضاة الفاسدين
- تخفيض الضرائب والرسوم
- إلغاء التمييز المذهبي والطائفي الممنهج في السلطة
-مهام الجيش والقوات المسلحة حماية حدود الوطن وليس قمع المواطن
- تسليم كل من شارك بقتل أو أمر بإطلاق النار على المتظاهرين في ثورة 15 آذار للمحاكمة
- إطلاق سراح معتقلي الرأي والسياسيين وكل من اعتقل في المظاهرات السلمية
- عودة المهجرين إلى سورية
- حرية الرأي والتعبير وإنشاء المنتديات
- حرية الإعلام والإنترنت
- حق المواطنة للجميع
- توزيع العائدات النفطية وعائدات الاتصالات على افراد الشعب بالتساوي
- منح السلطة القضائية استقلالية تامة
مطالبنا كاملة غير قابلة للتجزئة أو المماطلة .. لن ننتظر وعوداً ولا تاجيلاً لتطبيقها ..
لن نرضى بتطبيق جزء منها وجزء يبقى قيد الدراسة والتجاهل ..
سنبقى منتفضين حتى ننتزع حريتنا بإيدينا .. ثورتنا سلمية ..
شعب واحد ..
وطن واحد..

ان لم تستطع الخروج اعتصم وانت بالمنزل ولا تذهب الى العمل

الفاتحة على ارواح الشهداء

اننا متوكلين على الله سبحانه وتعالى ثم عليكم

درعا - سوريا

Statement issued by members of UN mission on Gaza

From the other members of the UN mission.

Norman Finkelstein on Goldstone

I'm not as pessimistic I don't think Goldstone's withdrawal-that-didn't-really-withdraw-anything is going to make a big difference; the international backlash from the Gaza Massacre was well underway long before the Goldstone Report came out. However Finkelstein's views carry some weight.

RIP Vittorio Arrigoni

A shocking crime. God damn whoever murdered him.

Today in Bil`in