28 June 2011

Greece Uncut

Tax evasion by the rich is again a major contributor to the "economic crisis" "Various studies, including one by the Federation of Greek Industries last year, have estimated that the government may be losing as much as $30 billion a year to tax evasion — a figure that would have gone a long way to solving its debt problems."  But getting corrupt gangsters to pay their taxes is out of the question. The rich do what they can, the rest suffer as they must. Until they choose to exercise their God-given right to resist.

France, Germany Forced Greece to Buy Arms: MEP

France and Germany, while publicly urging Greece to make harsh public spending cuts, bullied its government to confirm billions of euros in arms deals, a leading Euro-MP alleged Friday. The Prime Minister went abroad supposedly on a trip to find a way to reduce Greece's debt and came back having bought €2.5 billion in arms when Greece already has a gargantuan military. It was such a farce.

Important facts about Greece

Some excerpts but worth reading the whole thing.

I have never been more desperate to explain and more hopeful for your understanding of any single fact than this: The protests in Greece concern all of you directly.

What is going on in Athens at the moment is resistance against an invasion; an invasion as brutal as that against Poland in 1939. The invading army wears suits instead of uniforms and holds laptops instead of guns, but make no mistake – the attack on our sovereignty is as violent and thorough. Private wealth interests are dictating policy to a sovereign nation, which is expressly and directly against its national interest. Ignore it at your peril. Say to yourselves, if you wish, that perhaps it will stop there. That perhaps the bailiffs will not go after the Portugal and Ireland next. And then Spain and the UK. But it is already beginning to happen. This is why you cannot afford to ignore these events.

So let me deal with some of that media Mythology.
  • Greeks are lazy. This underlies much of what is said and written about the crisis, the implication presumably being that our lax Mediterranean work-ethic is at the heart of our self-inflicted downfall. And yet, OECD data among its members show that in 2008, Greeks worked on average 2120 hours a year. That is 690 hours more than the average German, 467 more than the average Brit and 356 more than the OECD average. Only Koreans work longer hours. Further, the paid leave entitlement in Greece is on average 23 days, lower than most EU countries including the UK’s minimum 28 and Germany’s whopping 30.
  • Greeks retire early. The figure of 53 years old as an average retirement age is being bandied about. So much, in fact, that it is being seen as fact. The figure actually originates from a lazy comment on the NY Times website. It was then repeated by Fox News and printed on other publications. Greek civil servants have the option to retire after 17.5 years of service, but this is on half benefits. The figure of 53 is a misinformed conflation of the number of people who choose to do this (in most cases to go on to different careers) and those who stay in public service until their full entitlement becomes available. Looking at Eurostat’s data from 2005 the average age of exit from the labour force in Greece (indicated in the graph below as EL for Ellas) was 61.7; higher than Germany, France or Italy and higher than the EU27 average. Since then Greece have had to raise the minimum age of retirement twice under bail-out conditions and so this figure is likely to rise further.

And the biggest myth of them all: Greeks are protesting because they want the bail-out but not the austerity that goes with it. This is a fundamental untruth. Greeks are protesting because they do not want the bail-out at all.

Unions "bullying" heads yeah right

See the hilariously biased headline. Since when was 'bullying' an objective term of reporting? Oh I see they're quoting a "Whitehall source", then they should have at least put 'bullying' in inverted commas to maintain a facade of objectivity. Besides, what's been talked about is hardly bullying the NUT was simply stating the law seeing how it was in their favour. That kind of thing is done all the time.

Conspiracy theorists unite

Christopher Shale received warning of leaked memo before Glastonbury death

27 June 2011

Michael Gove warns teachers against militancy over planned strikes

Education secretary says walkouts over pensions on Thursday are premature and will hit single parents worst Tories are of course renowned for fiercely defending the interests of single parents.

David Willetts in secret talks with banks on funding of student loans

Idiotic ideas are coming so thick and fast from the Tories at the moment it's hard to keep up. I'd really like to see how this one came about. Was Willetts like erhh got a big problem here how can we fund kids education when we've just tripled tuition fees and slashed teaching funds. Oh I know, we'll just get high street banks to lend lots of money to people who probably won't pay it back. I can't remember that one ever going wrong...

Best Glastonbury ever

Senior Tory Christopher Shale found dead at Glastonbury festival This story is pretty weird. There'd just been leaks of him criticising the party the day before and now he drops dead.

Gove urges parents into classrooms to break strike

What an idiotic idea. Does Gove even know that random people can't just turn up at a school and teach children? Even teaching assistants can't do it, you need the certificates and whatever or parents can sue if their child was put in the care of someone unqualified. Still if it happens it'd be pretty funny everyone should spam it, volunteer to take lessons and take the kids out give them a lesson in how to organise strikes/protests/sit ins/attacks on royal family members.

The kites are coming

The tractors are coming

On contemptible showponies

Remembering the UK Uncut action at Glastonbury. This is when I really started to hate his guts. Ok, I never really liked the guy, but when I saw one day that he was hanging out with BONO he went beyond redemption.

"Rebels may allow Gaddafi to stay in Libya"

This war was never really about Qadhafi. Those crooks at the National Transitional Council are only interested in getting into (or more accurately staying in) power.

Israel’s Jordanian friends

Yes that is the actual title of the Zionist article coming not so long after 'Our Saudi Arabian Allies'. "Op-ed: Jordan remains stabilizing factor, Israel committed to helping monarchy survive... the so-called “Arab Spring” in the Middle East has now spread to the traditionally stable country of Jordan, a historical ally of the United States and Israel." Yeah and 'stable' is just a codeword for 'follows the US-Israeli agenda in the region.

Siege of the Treasury 9/12/2011

Cool video.

Tony Blair's personal details stolen by hackers

"Team Poison, which is led by a hacker who goes by the name of TriCk, appears to have a Left- wing agenda..." Muahahaha.

Speech of Hasan Nasrallah on Friday 24th June 2011

I take refuge in God from the stoned devil. Praise be to God, the Lord of the Universe. Peace be on our Master and Prophet Abi Al-Qassim Muhammad and on his chaste Household, chosen companions and on all prophets and messengers.

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings.

Tonight, I have several topics which I think it's important to tackle as they influence our status quo whether on the local or regional levels.

As usual, I will set a table of content for those who are following us:

The first topic I will talk about is the governmental issue especially with respect to those who evoke that it is the government of Hezbollah.

The second issue is that of the spying nets which was evoked lately and talking about this within Hezbollah and precisely within the organizational structure within Hezbollah.

Third, I will talk about the enemy's drill - Turning Point Five.

Fourth, I will talk about the Arab situation especially the situation in Syria.

We start with the government: In fact, I want to present a description of the current government, what took place, our viewpoint towards it and consequently, how we will deal with it during the upcoming stage and how the others are dealing with it.

Under the title of the government, there are several points:

The first point: As those who talked before us asserted and pursuant to our responsibility, I also want to assert that the government of PM Mikati which was formed is 100 percent made in Lebanon. There wasn't any foreign assisting intervention in the formation of the government.

Yes, there was foreign obstruction and foreign pressures to prevent the formation of the government; however, the government was formed with an internal will. Perhaps it's the first time or one of the rare times – to be precautious – in which the government is 100 percent a Lebanese fabrication as I said.

The delay which took place for several months was caused by internal complications. When these complications were addressed, the government was formed. Among the other reasons were the foreign pressures which might be transcended by anyone who has a will and when internal wills integrate and unite.

As for Syria, some Lebanese sides in Lebanon when the government is not formed say Syria prevents the formation of the government or Iran prevents that. They accuse Syria and Iran of the delay, the postponement and the crippling. Indeed we have our share in this accusation. When it is formed, they say a decision for formation was issued. These act with grudge. They do not act pursuant to an actual political reading. In all case, this is oppression and false accusation. Since the very beginning, I know that the interest of the brethrens in Syria is for sure in the formation of the government since the first day. This is first a national Lebanese interest before it being a Syrian or Arab interest. They did not push towards any crippling or delay. They did not interfere. They did not have any demands. They were very happy when the government was formed. The same applies to the brethrens in Iran.

The government was formed – praise be to God. Here another bargain of March 14 Bloc failed as I said in one of the speeches and counted that they were wrong here and there and are still doing wrong and betting on wrong bargains. One of their wrong bargains is that the new majority will not be able to form the government and consequently they promised people that the formation will not take place before months, that this majority is unable to form the government, that PM Mikati will not be able to form the government and finally he will apologize and consequently their pal whom they are waiting for will return.

The second point that is related to the government is the incessant rhetoric of March 14 Bloc and what is issued abroad and then almost adopted by foreign countries because they are one axis. They once say that this is the government of Hezbollah, the government of the Syrian regime or the government of President Bashar Assad or the like.

I will first talk about Hezbollah: As for us, I would like to tell you: We are not harmed by that. If you believe that we are disturbed by that, we are not. On the contrary, this is a source of pride that we have such a government with the men it comprises, with the true representation of the influential political forces including the major political parties and currents in the country what really expresses the popular majority. If they wanted to call it the government of Hezbollah, we will not be disturbed. That is rather a cause of pride and esteem to us. However, in fact it is not as such. At times we say the truth you know very much and at others if you say that is the government of Hezbollah to disturb Hezbollah we say not at all. We are not bothered. You would be by that giving us a bonus. You always talk about an access in military power. You give us an access in political power when you depict to the whole world that Hezbollah is ruling Lebanon, the government of Lebanon and taking grip of the state. This is political inflation for the party in which we do not believe. However we are grateful. A reputation of wealth is better than a reputation of poverty as the saying goes. However, in fact, we are before a government where there are two ministers for Hezbollah: a minister with a portfolio and a state minister. All of the other ministers are friends. We respect them and cooperate with them. This is not a one-color-government. It is a broad national coalition government which is formed from a group of influential and diversified political forces. I do not wish to talk about numbers; it is inappropriate to talk about numbers. We care that we work together as one team despite our diversity. I would also like to highlight that it is not true that the current government is internally divided into a definite majority and a definite minority. In the current government we are not a majority and a minority. We are one team. We meet on the broad political, economical, social, administrative and security lines which will be expressed by the governmental statement. However, as to details, every side has its viewpoints which might meet with other sides here and differ from other sides there while on other issue it might meet here and differ there. This is the truth. Thus insisting on calling it the government of Hezbollah is untrue and it has other targets:

One of its targets is attempting to use this slogan for internal provocation especially sectarian and factional provocation as saying – let's be frank – Shiite Hezbollah is controlling the government and the state. O people of the other sects: Where are you?

The aim of this slogan is only provoking the other sects and it comes in the framework of factional and sectarian provocation which the other group is accustomed to, lives on and bargains on and this is an unsuccessful bargain God willing.

There is also provoking what is called international community or the foreign countries: the countries abroad, America, the west and some Arab countries. Through internal provocation they are not reaching anywhere because the people know the construction of the government, what is the formation, who the ministers of every side are, who favors who, who listens to who… So things are not like what this group depicts. This is not the government of one party or one color. This is not a comprehensive government or anything of this sort. If it was as such it would have been formed during the first days and within hours printed its governmental policy statement and thus given the vote of confidence. All of that would have taken place within one week at most.

As for international provocation, I also tell this group. You are mistaken. You are acting in a wrong way when you provoke the world against Lebanon under the title of this government as being the government of Hezbollah. As such, you are afflicting harm on Lebanon, the people of Lebanon, the economy of Lebanon and not Hezbollah as a definite side. It's summer now and it's the season of tourism. You have always argued us over the season of tourism. Postpone the political tension which is taking place for two or three months to give the government a chance and to relieve the country.

I frankly tell you: Provoking the foreign sides against Lebanon harms Lebanon and the people of Lebanon. It does not harm Hezbollah particularly because you know that we do not have economic interests abroad at all. We do not have money abroad. We do not have any possessions abroad at all. Even in Lebanon, we do not have banks. None of the banks are ours, and we aren't partners in any bank not only for financial reasons but also for religious reasons which you know. We do not have money in banks. Even in Lebanon we do not have investing projects. By the way and between parentheses, this is an opportunity to tell all the people: Hezbollah does not have investing projects in Lebanon or abroad. In Lebanon there are wealthy people from among our brethrens and friends. They are dealers who make projects like other dealers who make projects. So should anyone tell you that this project is for Hezbollah that is absolutely not true. We are outside this issue.

Anyway, when you provoke the other sides against us to take measures against Lebanon that will pressure on the banks in Lebanon, on the economy in Lebanon, on the aids in Lebanon… Who will be harmed then? The state as a state; the people as a people; and the country as a country. As for this party in particular, this Resistance in particular it might be the side to be the least harmed. Consequently, you are not undertaking a democratic political operation and being a constructive Opposition as you claim because the means which you want to use are dishonorable means and illegitimate means. In any place around the world, when a government is formed, it is given a chance. We gave the government of PM Saad Hariri one-year-grace-period. You are not ready to give one week for PM Najeeb Mikati. Give him six months or a year or three months. However, before the government was formed, you started attacking it. There is no problem in that. It is your right to object on the parliament or in the street.

There is no problem in that. It is your natural right to object in the Parliament and wherever you want. I always advise – as we used to advise ourselves and our alleys – by the necessity of avoiding sectarian and factional provocation because it is a double-edged sword. Also keep in mind that bargaining on foreign sides will flop as it flopped several times in the past. You have always bargained on foreign sides. You bargained on the US attack on the region. You used to call on it to spread all over the region and to reach Damascus. You also bargained on the Israeli War on the Resistance in 2006 as you bargained and still bargain on international developments. Now what do you talk about in your councils, speeches and internal political circulations as a result of your internal failure? You talk about bargaining on the collapse of the regime in Syria. You live on foreign bargains whether they are positive or negative. Here I am telling you all your bargains will fail as they failed in the past.

The third point under the topic of the government is the ministerial statement. There was not a special problem. Discussing the ministerial statement will not naturally take more than a week or ten days. Usually governmental statements take time; but due to mutual trust between the components of the government and also with PM Najeeb Mikati and due to positive dialogue, I believe there won't be any problem. God willing the governmental statement will be made and the government will win the required confidence and all imposed impediments before it will be removed.

There are two more points under the title of the government because among their bargains is waiting for the STL. Also among the points of the government I would like to assert that the priority is working hard as the slogan of the government goes. Thus I call on everyone and on all the components of the government to cooperate, join hands and exert effort to make use of time to serve our country and our people and address the existing causes. There are many things which we can do. We must not be dragged into arguments in which they want to exhaust us day and night. They are very good in arguments. Anyway, that is the first topic. I wrap up the first topic saying praise be to God after waiting, we came to have a government in which all sides cooperated so that it be formed. Indeed the qualitative final step which was taken by Speaker Nabih Berri was a much appreciated step on the national level and also on the Shiite level. I believe it gave the absolute chance for forming the government. Consequently, we came to have a government in the country. We will work and cooperate seriously and wholeheartedly with His Excellence the President, the Premier and all the components of the government to have a successful, beneficiary government which serves the people and the nation God willing.

I move to the second topic. It goes without saying that the second topic is a bit sensitive. It might also be unfamiliar. Naturally in organizations, parties and even states, such issues are not addressed in the way I will address them. But since we care very much about our authenticity, transparency and starting from our respect to our minds, feelings and emotions and worries of the masses, audience and supporters of the Resistance and all of those who link their aspirations to it in Lebanon, the Arab world, the Islamic world and in any place around the world, we find ourselves obliged to respect these minds, feelings and emotions. As usual we will provide them with the facts and we will not leave them an object of endless rumors that want to harm their will and morals especially before the great amount of rumors, falsehood and detective stories which are woven from time to time pertaining to this story in particular. Thus I will tackle this topic indeed with the appropriate and right extent within which I might talk. However, I will be clear and I believe that I will provide the people with the extent they look forward to know and be acquainted with God willing. I would like to remind you that in the past year and in more than one occasion, I said that we are fortified against Israeli penetration and there are no Israeli collaborators among our lines. Before what was written and what was mentioned, there are many who showed up and said in the media if that was not true, why Hezbollah did not deny that, and if that is true what the Sayyed will say, and if that is true, they are not sad, they want to know what the Sayyed will say. You might understand that one way or another. Now you will hear what I will say. I said that we have a very effective and strong anti spying body. When three of our brethrens were accused last year of collaboration, we carried out a very strong and accurate investigation and were sure of the invalidity of this accusation. Thus the cases that I will talk about in a while are not about these three brethrens who were addressed last year. Those are absolutely innocent. They are still in their posts, and we are sure of their innocence. If we had the least doubt, we would have acted in another way. The new case we are before now can be expressed as follows. I will talk about facts first, and then I will comment on these facts. When the Israelis failed to infiltrate the body of Hezbollah - and I still insist on that – they sought for help from the CIA. We are now before cases of collaboration not for Israel as it was spread by media outlets and in councils. Based on the investigations and given, we have three cases which I will talk about now.

Two cases are related to the CIA – recruited by the CIA - and we are still studying the third case whether it is related to CIA or a European intelligence body or the Mosad. When the Israelis failed, they sought the most powerful intelligence body in the world for help to infiltrate the structure of Hezbollah. That's how we must view the issue – regarding those who want to make a security evaluation of the issue or read the event from a security perspective. Months ago and within the responsible follow up of the anti-spying apparatus in Hezbollah; it was revealed that there are two separate cases that are in contact with officers in the US intelligence who work as diplomats in the US Embassy in Awkar. As an outcome of this event, there is a proof in our hand that this embassy is a spying den and that some American diplomats are in fact officers who recruit and infiltrate the Lebanese community and Lebanese political forces. I say that they are two separate cases. So there is not any net and they do not work together. So one case has to do with one officer and another case has to do with another officer. I did not mention yet that these two cases were indeed followed up and we reached a conclusion which I will tackle in a while. I will not mention the names as a show of respect to their honorable and dignified families which I personally know. I will go back to this point in a while. I will only mention the initials to refute rumors concerning other persons because they are talking and writing about many names and this is great oppression to those persons. I will say the initials only to refute doubt of the oppressed against names in this perspective….

A.B. - had been recruited recently. We will return to that while making the security evaluation. Only five months a CIA officer recruited this person. Through the follow up from the anti-spying body, he was detected and he confessed of having links with the CIA through the investigation.

The second case: M.H. was also recruited by the CIA before the first case. He also confessed of his ties with the CIA.

We have a third case - M.A. we were sure of his security ties with a foreign side. He confessed to his security links with a foreign body, but we are still investigating the side he is related to whether the CIA, the intelligence service of a European country or the Mosad.

Based on what was mentioned afore, there are three cases. Indeed these three cases and during investigation they admitted and the evidences against them are decisive. Unfortunately, they failed in the exam.

Based on what was mentioned afore, there are things which must be denied or mentioned. I will mention it as a result of the fuzz which was created:

First: The number is three. Should the number have been more than more, we would have the full courage to admit it. Indeed I tell you there is no party in the world which acts as we do. In fact, many people when they discover spies, they say let's spare ourselves this scandal. They address the issue in the way you know. They might kill the spies and make funerals for them as martyrs and hang posters for them as well.

Now because we have our religious, moral, fraternal and jihadi controls, we are responsible towards our members and our families. Thus we act in a different way. So with respect to this issue as in other issues, be confident we have the courage to tell the truth and to confront it even if it was bitter.

So the number is three. It is not more. It is not as some media outlets said: more the fingers of both hands i.e. more than ten. No. Some Arab media outlets unfortunately talk about 100 cases and 100 spies. We are very thankful.

Second: None of the three cases is of the first-rank leadership, contrary to the circulated rumors.

Third: None among them is a cleric contrary to the circulated rumors. Some were confused because there is a cleric arrested in the Intelligence Directorate in the Lebanese Army. Everybody knows he has nothing to do with Hezbollah. He also expresses his enmity to Hezbollah. He used to issue daily statements in which he targets Hezbollah, Iran and Syria.

Fourth: None of the cases belongs to the persons close to the Secretary General whether on the security or on the practical level. Here some people started weaving detective stories on the issue.

Fifth: None of these case has to do with the front or the sensitive military units – such as the rocket unit - about which the US and Israel are seeking to collect information as Hezbollah takes pain to remain silent on them.

Sixth: To reassure the Resistance supporters and our dear brethrens, none of the cases has sensitive data which could harm the structure of the Resistance as a result of the way we deal in with the internal issue or as a result of the responsible posts they occupy. They do not occupy responsible posts which might harm the security and military structure of the Resistance, as well as its confrontation ability in any upcoming war.

Seventh: None of the three accused have anything to do with the assassination of the martyr leader Hajj Imad Moghniyeh. That's because some wrote that in papers. So they have no relation in that.

Eighth: None of the accused has anything to do with the STL. Some people made use of their detective mind and started talking about these three persons saying that now the party announced about them so that in the future the party find a way out in the STL issue.

We are through with the STL issue since a long time. The three cases hadn't been mentioned whether in Dir Spiegel or the scandalous means linked to the STL or the Canadian TV or the names circulated by some Lebanese Security bodies or the International Investigation Committee when they summoned some persons for investigation. These names have nothing to do with this case. None of these names were mentioned in this file so that this event has nothing to do with the STL. We are through with the issue of the STL since a long time. We are not concerned with any scenario concerning the STL.

We come to a security evaluation which I will make in a couple of words:

First: It is clear that Israeli impotence still exists what led Israel to seek help from the most powerful intelligence body in the world. That indeed has its reasons. That's because the Israeli security body was subject to tough hits during the past three years on the Lebanese level. They were perplexed and then they had lack in spies and shortage in information. Thus they resorted to the CIA. There is a great difference in that. The CIA officer is fortified and protected as a US diplomat in Lebanon. Who is able to beat him?

Second: The United States is a friendly country. Third, a US diplomat is protected and he is present in the embassy and travels around in diplomatic cars. He goes to restaurants and houses and knocks on doors. So the CIA is a case that differs from the Israeli officer or an Israeli operator. Consequently, they resorted to the CIA which has very great human, technical and security capabilities and sought help from it. The information which the CIA officers demanded from these men are information that do not interest the US administration in as much as they are security military details that concern Israel in any war, confrontation, or military or security conspiracy against the Resistance or the leaderships or cadres of the Resistance in Lebanon.

The second point is that the CIA is in Lebanon to serve the Israeli security bodies and it gathers information for Israel and not for the American administration.

Third: True these CIA officers could recruit persons but what is more important is that the concerned security body in Hezbollah discovered these persons despite all measures and procedures. Since the CIA considers itself a first rank body in recruiting and guarding its spies and in its conduct and performance, it is of great importance that these cases were discovered. Some of these cases were discovered in no time. The date of recruiting is no more and no less than five months. Perhaps it is one of the first times in which the CIA confronts such blow by a party, organization or popular side as we are not talking about a state or governmental or official institutions. Thus in fact, we are before a true security achievement made by the Resistance. This achievement makes us more confident of our ability to confront security violations even if by the most powerful security body in the world.

The security evaluation also sheds light on the spying den in Awkar as it was decisively verified that the US Embassy in Awkar is a spying center and a recruiting center for Israel. Consequently on the national level, the official level and the popular level how must the spying den which carries these mission be dealt with?

There is a last part under this topic which concerns our masses:

First: I call on them to deal with mercy and fraternity with the families of the accused because – as I said – they are honorable families. The father, the mother, the wife, the children, the relatives and the family are guiltless. They are afflicted more than we are. This is a kind of moral loss. I know these families. If one of their children was martyred, they would have been proud of his martyrdom. Indeed according to them this is a true affliction as regarding their mentality, culture and affiliation. Thus they might be dealt with fraternity, mercy and solace.

The second point: I call for avoiding tackling names randomly. People must fear God. After all in this world, no one holds anyone accountable; but on Doom's Day, all of us will stand before God Almighty and He will ask us: You evoked a rumor against so and so; you evoked a rumor against so and so; you accused so and so. We will be held accountable on Doom's Day. Thus precision must be adopted as far as names are concerned especially when the names of sacrificing resistance fighters are tackled.

The third point: I call for not falling in the trap of psychological war through which our enemies aim to harm the morals of the Resistance, the Resistance fighters and the Resistance masses. We must be very careful and precise. We must know that we entered into a new stage. We supposed that we are in a security confrontation with Israel and that the US intelligence searches for another kind of information no more. However to become a direct target for the US intelligence in such a way puts us no doubt before a new stage of security struggle and the struggle of brains. Consequently, this makes it necessary that our cadres, members and masses be cautious, alert, mobilized and not to under estimate making transient relations or relations which might appear innocent for the first glance. That means that this degree of caution which our society and milieu have towards the Israelis might not be available towards screens through which the US intelligence bodies move. We must be aware that the Resistance in Lebanon is targeted by the US intelligence, western intelligence as well as the Arab intelligence as it is targeted by the Israeli intelligence. Guarding this Resistance, maintaining it and fortifying it are our responsibility because the Resistance is our point of strength.

I assert for you with all determination and resolution that we benefited from this confrontation which we stepped out from. I tell you that we stepped out victorious. We were afflicted with wounds but we could overcome these wounds and transcend the risk. We will strengthen our fortification more than anytime in the past. We will frustrate all the US security efforts and any other effort. Our Resistance and yours will remain firm, invulnerable and able to make the looked forward victory in all fields and in face of all challenges and threats.

The third topic: For the fifth consecutive year following July war in 2006, the Israeli enemy carries a drill in the internal front every year. They called it "Turning Point". In fact, it is a turning point in the security dogma, a turning point in the fighting dogma and a turning point in strategies. It's a great turning point and not an ordinary turning point. It's a strategic, historic and structural turning point according to the Zionist entity and the Israeli enemy. These days they were staging a drill called "Turning Point 5" which comprised all the Israeli entity – all of Occupied Palestine. Turning Point 5 comprised residents, cities, towns, settlements, public utilities, ports, airports and sensitive strategic facilities in addition to the army barracks within the entity, leadership bases, logistic bases and fighting bases as well as the leading political institutions such as the cabinet, the Knesset.... This was the broadest among all the previous drills in quality, quantity, space and comprehension. Indeed there is not enough time to give an evaluation for "Turning Point 5" Drill and say where it worked and where it flopped. I will rather tackle briefly some important indications in a very swift manner:

First: I will remind that Turning Point 1,2,3,4 and 5 and all the drills carried by the enemy on the military and security levels and in the internal front are an outcome of Israel's flagrant defeat and the victory of the Resistance in July War in 2006. That's because prior to 2006 and all through the history of the Israeli entity we did not witness at all drills on the internal front with such magnitude. We did not witness this number and quality of Israeli military maneuvers. Thus they are the result of Israel's defeat and Israel's acknowledgment in its defeat in July War.

Second: Among the indications, "Turning Point 5" – if added to all the "Turning Points" in the previous years - is also a decisive Israeli admission that the Home Front has become a part of any future war and here something strategic and primary in the security dogma has changed. Before July War and Gaza War that followed that was not the case. The Israelis always had the theory of making wars on the lands of others. They used to dispatch their troops, air force and army to fight on the lands of others so that their internal front remains guarded and preserved by various and diversified means.

However, today, there is an Israeli admission that in any future war whether against Lebanon or Gaza or Syria or Iran or with all of them or with some of them, the Home Front will be the core of such a battle. This is also a structural and strategic turning point in the Israeli security and fighting dogma. Furthermore, there is an important point. We always say guard this Resistance. This makes the Israelis think a thousand times before taking any war decision. Prior to 2006, the Israelis used always to make war and the outcome of this war used to be that they invade and occupy while their Home Front would be safeguarded. They do not care where millions might go, how they will provide them with shelters, where they will hide them, what to do with the military bases, the army barracks, the airports, the ports, the cabinet, the Knesset, the strategic facilities… That was never among the concern of the enemy when they used to take a decision for a new war. Today the case is different. The Home Front has become an essential part and a primary component for taking such a decision and this forms a state of deterrence.

Third: Israel admitted that its depth with all its human, military, economic and geographic components has become threatened now. That is first, and second it cannot be protected. Rockets will fall. Operations will take place. Confrontations on the land of the enemy might take place. Consequently, they have therefore perceived very well that they lost the ability to militarily protect the Home Font. Thus they are obliged to set a Home Front Ministry. So it's the first time in history of Israel in which it becomes concerned with the internal front and it becomes occupied in setting plans and scenarios to evacuate residences, guard communication in case they were cut, provide alternatives for public utilities, the airport and the port, and how to provide alternative for the seats of the cabinet, Knesset and the Israeli military leadership and how to provide alternatives for the air bases and ports for the air force. So they are taking it for granted that they are not able to guard their Home Front. Thus he is obliged to set plans and scenarios to confront what is called threat of Home Front.

Fourth: Turning Point 5" is another Israeli admission that Israelis have no capability for swift decisiveness, which signals an important strategic modification in the security and fighting dogma of the Israeli Army. A part of the Israeli dogma has always been swift decisiveness. Thus they head to swift and decisive battles. They are battles of days and at most of weeks. Now the Israeli enemy acknowledges that it is not able anymore to settle the battle. Thus when they drill on the Home Front, they talk about measures and scenarios to guard the Home Front in a war that would last for several months. Imagine the state of the Israeli entity and the people of this entity who came to the land of Occupied Palestine promised with milk and honey how would they tolerate a war for several months in which rockets would fall and how would they bear that these rockets fall on every square of Occupied Palestine?

Fifth: These maneuvers and noticeably "Turning Point 5" definitely determined – and this will form a prelude to the Arab situation – which sides Israel consider as a threat for it in the region, the Arab world, the Islamic world and the whole world. Who is Israel's true enemy? There are enemies in newspapers, on the internet and in speeches in which they say they are enemies for Israel. However, Israel does not take them into consideration. It does not even take their existence, armies, rockets, warplanes and enormous and huge military and human capabilities into consideration. They are not taken into consideration at all. There are Arab and Islamic countries and other countries in the world that are not taken into consideration by Israel. When Israel stages a comprehensive drill such as Turning Point 5 on all fronts it is frankly saying – and I am not drawing conclusions; they have said so – that it has four sides which it views as threat: Iran, Syria, and the Resistance in Lebanon and the Resistance in Gaza. They say in Gaza. Unfortunately they are greatly reassured with respect to the West Bank.

When the Israelis who are the enemies of this nation – the enemy of a billion and 400 million Muslims and the enemy of the peoples of all this region whether Muslims or Christians, the usurper of the sanctities of Muslims and Christians act as if this area is not a hostile area and it does not pose a threat – indeed I am talking on the level of the government, armies and regimes and not on the level of peoples – and rather consider that there are four sides which pose a threat and thus they must maneuver and get ready internally and militarily to face this threat, we must pose lengthily on this point. Hereof I will usher into the Arab situation.

The last point is that these maneuvers show that the aim of the enemy is to defend and protect and that depict themselves as if they are threatened and the like. This is only part of the truth. That's because today there are serious forces that are present in the region and there is a serious struggle. There is a serious resistance. There are not mere episodes, scenarios and speeches. There are rather the field, deterrence equations and confrontations in which historic achievements were made. However the point that we must never neglect even for one moment is that Israel always plots to wage wars in the region. Historically, it was Israel who used to start wars. It started most of the wars in fact. Consequently, when the Israelis reach a point in which they want to change equations in the region or to impose conditions on the region, it might wage a war and it must be ready in its Home Front. Thus we must not succumb and look at each other cheerfully saying that the aim of this drill is defensive and Israel is worried and afraid. Well that is true, but also Israel has a project which is having control over the region as it has an aggressive nature. When it gets ready on its Home Front to this extent, we must keep our eyes, ears and minds open, and we must be cautious, mobilized and alert because this is the nature of Israel since this entity was established.

As for the Arab issue, Israel has staged five great drills one every year under the title of "Turning Point". They are enormous military drills that include new military equipment, weapons, new planes, new capabilities… What is our Arab and Islamic world in general doling? Indeed many of the peoples are sympathetic and consolidated. At times they feel that they don't own except this degree of sympathy. However what is taking place at times in our Arab and Islamic world is bad and passive. In our Arab world, there are those who conspire on the Resistance in Gaza. There are governments, regimes and sides which conspire against the Resistance, besiege it financially and politically, distort its image in their Arab media satellite outlets and follow any gap, shame or default to exaggerate it to harm the morals of the Resistance and our people in Gaza instead of viewing Gaza as one of the fortified cities, one of the points of strength in the nation and one of posts of dignity of this nation and thus provide it with help and offer it aid. The same applies to the Resistance movement in Lebanon. What is taking place and what took place on this Resistance is something well known and does not need any details. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent to distort the image of the Resistance. They know that they fall short from harming this Resistance militarily in the internal front and on the regional front. However they try to harm it, distort its image, and touch on its capabilities and its authenticity. Thus we face this great degree of fabrications and rumors which harm its authenticity and for which hundreds of millions of dollars are spent and this is acknowledged by those who spent them personally.

Iran poses to the Israeli enemy a real threat and a source of fear for existence in the Arab and Islamic world. Still some are working day and night to change Iran to a devil and an enemy for the Arabs and Muslims to serve Israel and guard the very existence of Israel and to guard the interests of Israel.

As for Syria, I say what I say and what we say in Hezbollah based on a viewpoint and on a clear conviction. The others have the right to criticize our viewpoint and stance, and it's our right to differ with them or advise them. It's our duty to advise them especially some Islamite friends in the region and in the neighboring countries. There is only one Arab resistant and opposing regime which is the Syrian regime. It's the only regime. Perhaps it is the only resistant and opposing regime in the Arab world. There are Arab regimes which have a good political position however first they are far and second they are afflicted with the conspiracies of division and international pressure and the like. However, in the region there is only one resistant and opposing regime since the very beginning and until this very first day. This regime and through its alliance with the Islamic Republic and the resistance movements in the region (Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq) and through its harmony with the nature of the peoples of this nation could within this axis flop the latest US-Israeli project which was aiming at and is still aiming at liquidating the Palestinian cause and absolutely dominating our countries, capabilities and the wealth of our peoples and nation.

This is the truth. Then the head of this regime – President Assad – comes to say I am ready to make reform, to introduce reform steps, to set a mechanism for these reform steps such as a law for parties, a law for the media and the like and to issue two amnesties even on people who held arms and committed crimes except one kind of crimes.

For example, in Bahrain people stepped out in a peaceful demonstration. They were killed and wounded. Hundreds of martyrs fell as martyrs and wounded. Hundreds were arrested though they did not hold a rifle or a gun or a hand grenade. They did not make a front or occupied cities or villages. They did not even use a knife. Still they are being dragged to prisons. The leaders of the peaceful political Opposition are being tried. The government makes a call for dialogue and on the following day it issues life-jail sentences. This is great oppression. In Syria, the president is issuing a general amnesty and is calling for dialogue. He has started serious steps for reform. Still that is not accepted from him. Here I am telling you: No matter what would President Assad do and no matter what would the brethrens in Syria do, that will not be accepted from them internationally or even on the level of some Arab stances or so called Syrian Opposition. Some sides in the Syrian Opposition might accept; but other sides might not accept no matter what those steps which will be taken in Syria might be. Thus before these new steps, the latest speech by President Assad, the latest popular movements in Syria and as a comment on the latest criticism which has afflicted us from some sides concerning Hezbollah's stance from the Syrian issue, we say that this is our stance. Yes we start from a very clear strategic, national viewpoint. We see that this connivance or seeking to topple this resisting opposing regime in Syria which is ready for reform constitutes a great service to Israel, a great service to America and a great service for the US-Israel project to dominate over the region. That is to be very clear. When we believe in a point we announce it and declare it with utmost boldness and bravery. Thus I renew my call to the noble, faithful, truthful, resisting, opposing, national patriotic Syrian people to read what is taking place in the region and take into consideration the magnitude of the target against Syria as a homeland, as a national post, as a people, as a regime, as an army and as a leadership and to act accordingly.

As for Bahrain and the oppression afflicting Bahrain, I say that we unfortunately see an impasse because the authority in Bahrain is responding to calls for dialogue with exclusion, life sentences and incessant daily killing of those who are peacefully demonstrating and those who haven't resorted to violence under international silence. However and anyway, things can't carry on as such forever. Any people, any leadership, any side or any regime when being faithful and believe in what they are doing and industriously carry on in their peaceful or reform movement, the consequences will not be but good God willing.

I liked to tackle these points to say where we are today in Lebanon, where we are now in the region especially regarding Turning Point 5. I call on the political, security, military and strategic experts to read and evaluate these drills and to discuss and interpret their indications in various occasions.

As for the government, God willing we will work seriously so that it be a beneficiary, productive and harmonious government.

As for security fortification, I tell you do not to be worried. Things are not as serious as rumors say. This is the party of the sacrificing, fighting and pious Resistance which has offered you victories so far, and God willing it will not offer but more victories to you, to its nation and to its people.

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings.

U Pay Your Taxes 2

Look at the best rated comments of this Daily Mail article they're all behind UKUncut it's quite amazing since Daily Mail readers are not natural supporters. Stuff like this is why I think we should put a lot of thought into which individuals/companies we should target, people seem more likely to listen when the target is pretty unpopular anyway.

No the IMF rapists

"An adviser told AFP news agency the decision had been partly a response to the "pressure of public opinion" Amazing.

24 June 2011

Hackers are getting pretty militant

Available at pirate bay /torrent/6490796/Chinga_La_Migra. And lol one guy's password was '12345'.

Amnesty questions claim that Gaddafi ordered rape as weapon of war

Qadhafi is not a good guy but that doesn't mean we should believe every propaganda story about what his forces have been doing. The whole rape story was silly they were claiming that Qadhafi's troops had been given out viagra, as if that is needed to commit rapes.

I don't want to hear that name

Britain's Filthy Standards: This is the government's real stance towards the Middle East: 1 Israeli occupying terrorist enforcing an illegal siege is worth more than 8,000 Arabs. Where is the call for the thousands of Palestinians imprisoned in Israel (in violation of the Geneva Conventions) many without charges to be released? Do they dare address any of them by their names or show their faces? Listen to how he softens this terrorist calling Hamas to release him "to his parents" as if he's a school child.

Song of the Day

Facebook poll for Egyptian President

Can't make too much out of a Facebook poll, but note the despicable `Amr Musa is in 4th place with 6% of the vote despite being repeatedly labelled "a frontrunner to become president of a democratic Egypt" simply because Saudi Arabia is backing him. And this is from the social group more likely to support him. As for Muhammad Salim Al-`awwa in second place he's pretty cool he defended the Hezbollah members who were imprisoned by Mubarak just over a year ago, He's been active in building good relations between Sunni/Shia Muslims and stop...ping imperialists creating and exploiting fitna, has criticised Yusuf Al-Qaradawi for making sectarian anti-Shia statements and supported Hezbollah in May 2008 during the March 14/American/French/Saudi conspiracy against the resistance. Of course the BBC/Guardian etc have never heard of him.

The Beast in the East is out of control!

Can't help but enjoy this melodramatic reporting on Belfast.

23 June 2011

DahlanWatch: Dahlan working with Egypt, Jordan and EU to return to power


DahlanWatch: "The sources said Dahlan was being quietly supported by at least two Arab states — Egypt and Jordan. They said Arab support for Dahlan was based on the assessment that he would be the key candidate for Palestinian leadership after the resignation of the 75-year-old Abbas. Dahlan has also been consulting with several Western nations, particularly Britain and the United States. The sources said the reception has been mixed within the United States, but more supportive in European Union countries who see Dahlan as a bulwark to a Hamas takeover. They said the bulk of his support comes from Fatah members in or from the Gaza Strip, which Dahlan virtually ruled until 2007." I like how the Western media acts like before Hamas kicked him out Gaza/Dahlanistan was some kind of nice place. Tell them whenever they describe the Hamas takeover of Gaza in 2007 as like the worst thing ever if they would prefer Dahlan and his gangs to still be running the place? Probably yes.

NEWSFLASH: Latest development in STL... yawn...

I can't keep up man, so now it was the Syrian regime who did it again? This is the most unprofessional investigation ever. Indictments still haven't been issued (whatever happened to their imminent announcement erm... six months ago?) to anyone yet they're already declaring people guilty. And so far half the Middle East has been declared guilty at some point.

NATO airstrike kills Palestinian family in Tripoli

I guess Western imperialist interventions in the Middle East are never complete without murdering Palestinian civilians.

This is NATO taking responsibility

Apparently these were the FIRST civilian casualties in the NATO bombing of Libya. "IT APPEARS that one weapon DID NOT STRIKE THE INTENDED TARGET and that there MAY HAVE been a WEAPONS SYSTEM FAILTURE which MAY HAVE caused a number of civilian casualties,"

It's the PFLP-GC man

Ha'aretz shows off its typical knowledge of Arab affairs: "When Ahmad Jibril, the leader of the PFLP's general headquarters, arrived at the camp, he was attacked by an angry mob, and his bodyguards immediately opened fire." Of course they mean the PFLP-GC which is a totally different organisation to the PFLP. I suspect Life of Brian was inspired by the numerous Palestinian groups around that time. In those days there was the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command, the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front and the Popular Revolutionary Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

BBC Propaganda

BBC Propaganda: I saw the first minute of the BBC News at Ten show the other day and right at the beginning they had "Al-Qaeda Appoints New Leader! Ayman Adh-Dhawahiri vows to continue Bin Laden's war on the West!" Really this is some kind of big story? The fact that "Al-Qaeda" couldn't find a better candidate than him shows how irrelevant and non-influential they are. Dhawahiri has the charisma of my shoe.

US consul in Egypt tells Grapel he is in big trouble

Hahahaha Mossad idiots. Someone needs to set up a Mossad Agents Anonymous group so they can seek help. Are there any Mossad secret agents left whose pictures aren't all over the papers? I thought I saw some of these guys earlier today. I asked one of them hey why are you here? He said he was on a top secret mission to assassinate George Habash.

Israeli propaganda response is even IN THE TITLE of the article

They can't even get past the first paragraph without putting some Israeli propaganda in there "even though Israel eased its blockade of the Palestinian coastal strip in that period." So the economic depravation of Gaza apparently has nothing to do with the siege. Of course there's the obligatory quoting of "Israeli officials" why they dismiss the report oh and claims that Gaza's unemployment is actually ONLY 37.8%.


The peoples of the Middle East cannot breathe without the annihilation of Wahabbism (i.e. the House of Saud), Kemalism and Zionism. All three are tyrannical ideologies of hatred for others that were imposed on their respective lands through brute force and massacres of civilians, maintained through terrorism and alliance with imperialism and dictatorships and which cannot change.

Clegg says era of two-party politics is gone for good

says era of two-party politics back for good.

Why doesn't Alan Milburn just join the Tory Party?

Have Labour really become this pointless? He talks about the founding of the NHS in 1948 like some kind of disaster.

'Ilan Grapel claimed he is Muslim in visa request to Egypt'

Mossad produces the dumbest spies ever. Ask the Lebanese police.

Nasser vs Mubarak

The high one built the high dam, the low one built the low dam.

15 June 2011

IDF just managed to achieve victory

Seven Palestinians were injured, including two critically, Wednesday after an anti-wall protest turned into clashes between Israeli soldiers and young Palestinians in Deir Qaddis, west of Ramallah.

Did they want Syrian troops to shoot the Palestinian demonstrators?

See the irony here? The Syrian regime is being condemned for 1. repressing protests against it and 2. NOT repressing protests against Israel.

Revolution? There's been no revolution yet

Egypt's military rulers told human rights advocates Monday that at least 7,000 civilians have been sentenced to prison terms by military courts since Hosni Mubarak was ousted - an astoundingly high number likely to fuel debate over how much the revolution has changed the country.

14 June 2011

More crying

"In his victory speech, which has come to be nicknamed the “balcony speech,” as he addressed his followers from his party headquarters’ balcony, the prime minister did not mention even once Europe, the European Union or the West." Oh boo hoo. Make that criticism in Turkish and I might take it more seriously, but of course they only make such complaints when they're talking to the White Man. In Turkish Kemalists regularly accuse Erdoğan of selling out Turkey to the IMF/Israel/US/EU, I'm not kidding.


DahlanWatch: “If Dahlan is forced out of Fatah, it will be the end of the party,” the activist said. Fine by me.

Shin Bet in Gaza

Israeli terrorists kidnap Palestinian from Gaza. By the way notice how actions in Gaza come under the Shin Bet's (internal security force) remit, I thought Israel left Gaza? How can you charge a foreigner with "affiliation with an illegal entity, contacting a foreign agent, servicing an illegal entity, conspiracy to violate national security and breaching national security by giving information to an enemy agent"? That makes no sense unless Israel still considers Gaza to be part of its territory and the people there subject to its laws.

Tweets Against Zionism

Zionists all want peace, Arabs bombed to pieces.


“the flotilla organizers seek, not the well-being of Gazans, but rather once again to delegitimize and isolate Israel” Surely if you want the well-being of Gazans you should be trying to delegitimise and isolate the occupier/besieger Israel? This is like accusing someone campaigning against Apartheid South Africa of not really caring about black people but just trying to delegitimise Apartheid.

Not liking the IMF is now infidel-bashing in Kemalist Turkey

According to this guy the real reason why Erdoğan has been criticising the IMF and 'credit rating agencies' is because they are run by non-Muslims and he is an Islamist blah blah blah. That IMF deals with Turkey gave hyperinflation and general mayhem throughout the 1980s-90s yet when Turkey started ignoring the IMF its economy saw unprecedented stability and growth simply can't be the reason for the criticism.

No Way Through

Israel does experiment to find out whether white phosphorus still melts your flesh off in outer space

Three Israeli experiments to examine the impact of space travel on human health were among the various studies and tests conducted on the American space shuttle Endeavor's recent mission to the International Space Station. Any excuse to bolster the Light Unto The Nations tagline.

Puppet PM recommends occupier for chief rapist

Doesn't surprise me at all.

Fatah official denies ousting Dahlan

Why would anyone want to deny that? Dahlan should have been kicked out of all Palestinian movements certainly by 1997, and that's being extremely lenient.